Amaranth Lanzadonii
I originally hail from Thentis.  When My Father took sick He sent Me to live with My Cousin Dalanar in Turia/GC.  There is where I met My FC Bruik.  We left Turia and went to Schendi/AR.  That is where We became Free Companions.  My life was put in danger and Bruik moved Me to the House of Talenders, where He is part Owner of the Tavern there.  On Nov.20, 2002 I gave birth to twins Tyler and Talena.  Unfortunately after that Bruik disappeared and never returned to renew Our FC contract.  I packed up the babies and travelled around until I came to Kassar South/GC.  Here is where I have made Our Homestone and hope to remain there good.
By trade I am a scribe, and Ubar Framan has given Me the position of Camp Scribe.
My Father Tiberius was a Warrior until His dying day.  He had a Sister Jetamio who was Mother to My Cousins Dalanar,Chambers and Darkwight.
Dalanar and I were the closest out of all the Cousins.  That is why when My Father sent Me to live with Him, I was very happy.  Since Bruik and I left Turia, I have only seen My Cousin once and He has forgiven Me for leaving My Family and Home to be with Bruik, when Turia fell.
I have given birth to twins, a boy and a girl, Tyler and Talena.  They are very precious to Me and one of the greatest gifts Bruik could have ever given Me.
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