Mistrettas Red Teddy No Tail ATDd OTDs STDc DNA-VP
(Mistrettas Shadow Hawk DNA-CP x Mistrettas Mountain Flower DNA-CP)
OFA Excellent
Eyes Checked Clear 2006
NBT DOB 7/29/97
Thank you to George Frey  for trialing Ted to his Started Ducks and Sheep. Ted earned his titles in his first weekend trialing. Along the way he tied for 1st place in started sheep taking second because of time. Thank you to Jan Wesen for working with Ted and trialing him to his Open Duck, Open Sheep and Started Cattle. Ted took 1st & 4th in open ducks and has earned  other placements while acquiring his titles.  Very exciting for Teddy and I was earning his Advanced Ducks. I have not trialed for many many years so this was a huge accomplishment and I couldn't ask for a better partner than Ted  to work with.
Ted & Flower
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