The Mists Below...

  A strange welcome indeed. I guess I decided to be different for a change. This is where my poetry and prose live. It was once where just my poetry lived but I've decided (so I can delete them off this computer). To post all stories that are mine here even the old immature kinky stories. I won't do any kind of feedback so don't bother lol. These are mine and their precious to me, you may NOT use anything from this site. Reading is all you can do, if you don't want to read then I suggest you leave rather than entangle yourself here. ^_^


New Things

   This site's address has been around a while but I haven't given up on the name of it but anyway the newest things I've written are...

Amariana and Night's Profiles LAST Poem I actually wrote involving my depleting depression was: Here within There


Maybe I haven't said this enough but most of my poetry is for me like pages of a diary, ones I don't mind people reading. This site has no email although one is findable from those linked to it, I didn't want or need opinions. If you don't like dark poetry because that is what most of it is...Then leave and don't come back.


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