Botan: Wow, it's a shrine dedicated to us! I'm flattered!
Koenma: It's about time. I got so bored that I sucked on this pacifier, waiting for someone to actually make a shrine for us.
Botan: HEY! I told you not to use this pacifier anymore! (gets her oar and starts to whack Koenma on the head)
Koenma: (in SD form) Hey,hey! That thing is dangerous!
Karina: Ahem...excuse me, guys? Someone's watching you already.
Botan: (drops oar) Oh my God!  I'm so embarrassed! What will people think of me now? I'm not really a violent person! (gives us an innocent look, and a halo appears above her head)
Koenma: Not really a violent person? You almost killed me with that oar!
Botan: You started it by wearing that darn pacifier!
(the two start to fight, and Botan starts to chase Koenma around the room with her oar)

Misty: (tries to stop Botan and Koenma from fighting) Hey, you two! Get on with the program! You're supposed to welcome this visitor to your shrine!
Karina: *sigh* There's just no stopping them.

ANYWAY, welcome to this humble shrine to the cutest couple in all of Reikai...Koenma and Botan. Feel free to browse around, and don't forget to sign our guestbook! Submissions (fanfics, fanart, wallpapers, reasons, or what have you) are also VERY welcome. ^^ This page is best viewed in Internet Explorer, resolution  1024x768. We have no idea whatsoever on how it looks like on Netscape and other browsers.

Why "Shall We Dance?", you ask? Well...Koenma and Botan have a song (Moonlight Party) wherein they keep repeating "Shall we dance, shall we dance" over and over. It just sort of stuck. Actually, there's a deeper, philosophical reason to why we chose the name...nah, just kidding. ^_^

Okay, disclaimer: Yuu Yuu Hakusho belongs to Yoshihiro Togashi, Shounen Jump and Studio Pierrot, and is licensed now, we think, by Funimation. It does not belong to us, and we're NOT saying it does, okay? So don't sue us for anything!

UPDATES (as of October 25, 2003):

It's been a really, really long time...>____< Why, oh why, is college taking up all of our time?

No updates yet, but we *will* update soon, with more new pics, fics, fanart, MORE reasons (we'll be adding to the "Koenma's Rivals": Kuwabara,  and also a "Botan's Rival" section: Ayame!), a new layout, and hopefully, a new host! ^_^

The guestbook is back up, by the way, and so is our counter. ^^; Thanks to all those who gave us contributions, and we would like to apologize too, because we *still* haven't posted them yet. But we will, soon. >_<

btw, we now have 34 members in the Fanlisting! Please join! ^___^

Vote for us, please? *puppy dog eyes*

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