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For The good Times, Music In My Heart.....Enjoy :)
Hi, hope you will enjoy the pages on my site.
I had to start over with most of the
orignal, due to GeoCities deleting some of
the Mistyblueoo pages.
That did not stop me and been hard work,
just to get the site going again.
All through my site will be music for your
listening pleasure, my love for it.
Some of the pages are happy ones, others
are sad one's, been (some) ruff times.
As you will see, that I have a love for my
family and friends.
There are many pages of poetry, that I
put my heart and soul into.
So not to bore you, please enjoy your
visit and come back often. It's all for the
good times :)   
~Believe In Me~
~Brenda (aka) Mistyblueoo~
Lovely Art
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