Mistyc Sunset
What Do You See On thThe Horizon?

Oh solem Knight,
You come to me
Under a vail of time the same
By night you come
With darkness round you
To match the gloom you see.

So long it's been
Dark Prince, I know
Since last we were together.
Since last we talked
And walked along
The broken road of yesterday, today, forever.

Now things have changed
'Tween you and I
A deeper understanding we have
You think we see things differently
Or are our thoughts
Truly one and the same.

Do not fret over these changes
Have faith in all
Time shall reveal
Although things change
This is where we stand
Friend, you'll always be my dream warrior.
Reality's Dream

Looking back I see the past
A time I never knew
A time I lived but didn't see
What my actions would really do
I lived it as a shadow
A ghost, a shell, a thing
I was never truly there
Never a living being
Oh, I lived a life alright
One full of heartache, pain, & sorrow
But looking back I wonder if
There might be some time to borrow
Time to live the life I didn't
One of happiness, joy, & laughter
And most of all, love, the greatest thing
If that happens, nothing else will matter
So as I lay my head to rest
I can only hope and pray
But until that happens
I guess I'll just have to live it day by day.