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WoT CCG 1st edition box WoT CCG DP box WoT CCG CotD box This web site, Dragon Prophecies, is a fan site in appreciation of the artwork shown on the cards in Robert Jordan's Wheel of Time Collectible Card Game. All artists will be credited for their artwork.

There are 619 different Wheel of Time CCG cards, and I have all of them.
More card images and art will be added in the future. 

Note from the Webmaster:
October 25, 2003 -- There are updates being done on the site, but most so far are behind the scenes.  Character descriptions are being added on card art gallery pages from the glossary in the back of the book The Fires of Heaven, (Wheel of Time book five)

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Cards are based on the bestselling epic fantasy books written by Robert Jordan

A Game of Thrones CCG

A Game of Thrones Collectible Card Game (AGOT CCG) is based on the bestselling epic fantasy book series A Song of Ice and Fire written by George R.R. Martin.

I'm currently collecting these cards, and slowly building a sub-site about these cards called Thrones & Dragons. Like The Wheel of Time CCG, these cards feature nice fantasy artwork.
Thrones & Dragons - A Game of Thrones CCG
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