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"No matter where we go, no matter who we are, we're all bound by borders...Some real, some imagined.  Many of us are content to live within these borders.  Others are forced to.  But some of us need to break out, burst through, even if what lies on the other side is both frightening and unknown."
Last Update: August 4th, 2004
"Too many murders, too many funerals and too many tears.  Just seen another brother buried and I knew him for years.  Pass by his family, but what could I say...??
Keep your head up and try to keep faith and pray for better dayz."
Cool Stuff
And as you journey into outerspace
May the angels help you lead the way
May the prayers that the family's made
Shine up on your soul to keep it safe
And all the homies that done passed away
They there to meet you as you pass the gates
And as you head to the tunnel's light
I hope it lead's to eternal life