This is Mitchell's website and it is a pretty awesome website it show information about me like some of my school work, also some of my hobbies and sports that I like or do.

 I'm a 12year old kid (boy) who has blond sort of like hockey hair and likes to play hockey and boxing.  I also sk8board like every day in the summer.  Some of my friends are Brendan (Miggy) he is like my pal.  There is Thomas (T-Bone) This kid is literally like my brother, I'm at his house like every day.  There is Carter (Karr) he is like a fellow hockey player and he always comes sk8boarding with us.  And I can't forget about Thomas P. this kid is like the richest kid out of Saskatchewan probably. I have lots more that I could list, but that is good.  Click on my pic. for a close up.