1954 western, adventure
Robert Mitchum, Marilyn Monroe, Rory Calhoun, Tommy Rettig

Cinemascope was at the height of popularity when Fox decided
to cast Marilyn Monroe and Robert Mitchum in a story set against
the scenic splendor of the Rockies. Marilyn even gets to sing a
few fetching song numbers (her saloon song atop a bar is a standout
and she delivers a totally professional job). Sleepy-eyed Mitchum
makes a good partner for Monroe and little Tommy Rettig scores as the adoring little boy who watches wistfully as Monroe strums a
song on her guitar.
Into the story, slight as it is, is an Indian attack while Mitchum
and Monroe battle the rapids. It's all very routine going, for the pair of jeans and Mitchum give a sturdy, likeable performance is
enough to make the movie a pleasant way to spend a couple of hours.
Nothing great here, but a very satisfying performance by Marilyn
who does a more than competent job on her less than inspired songs.
And the scenery helps.
Otto Preminger's direction is not as taut as it should have been
for a tale of this sort--in fact, the whole film has a lumbering
pace that seems to make some parts of the story seem more like filler
material than anything else. And poor Rory Calhoun has little to do.

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