"Travel Tip Archive Page"

"May 2008-December 2008"

Security line times are typically unpredictable but two American airports are making it easier to plan exactly how far in advance to arrive before your flight departs. Hartsfield Jackson Atlanta International (atlanta-airport.com) and Denver International (flydenver.com) airports provide real-time updates on their websites, refreshed every 15-30 minutes. Hartsfield-Jackson will even send your updates to your PDA or cell phone, through its Trak-a-line program. It's worth noting that the TSA also publishes security wait times on its website (tsa.gov) for 460 commercial domestic airports, but the data is less reliable, as it's compiled over a four week period prior to your departure, and does not reflect actual conditions.

"November 2007-April 2008"

For my final segment of flying with children, it takes a lot to keep your little one entertained and quiet and calm as you are traveling to your destination. Be sure and pack a special travel bag with new toys and games as well as familiar ones, some healthful snacks, and an extra outfit. This will allow you to be prepared no matter what the circumstances. Keeping your child happy while traveling will allow you to be more relaxed as well so the fun can begin even before you arrive at your final destination. Happy travels!

"September/October 2007"

If you are traveling to a faraway destination you might want to consider purchasing a ticket for your infant. On most airlines, children under two can travel free with a paying adult, but it's safer to bring a child safety seat and strap your baby into his or her own seat. This will be more familiar for the child and will ease their anxiety and will allow you to better focus on your little one's needs.

"July/August 2007"

Flying with Children - segment two - Check in advance with your airline regarding any carry-on regulations. For example, you can carry on an unlimited amount of formula, breast milk, and baby food, but if the items are in containers larger than 3 ounces, you need to declare them at security, and they'll be subject to additional screening. Better to be safe than sorry, be sure to plan well ahead when traveling with your little ones.

"May/June 2007"

Flying with Children - the next few months of travel tips will be dedicated to learning important information if you plan to vacation with your children. A bored, crying, or restless child onboard a flight can be frustrating, especially if the child is yours. For a more enjoyable flight for parents, children, and your fellow passengers, consider the following tip: Try to get seat assignments when you buy your tickets to ensure that your family can sit together. Be sure and let your airline know if there are small children in your party so that there are no complications when you check in. Also check and see if your plane has diaper-changing facilities or bassinets. Bassinets are typically available only on bulkhead seats and for international flights so be sure and reserve them ahead if at all possible. Next month we will discuss carry on regulations and what you can and cannot take for your children.

"March/April 2007"

Protect yourself against a danger strain of malaria that was reported in an outbreak of the disease late last yaer in Jamaica and has been a risk in several other Caribbean nations. The best way to protect yourself is to be informed. Well before leaving on a trip, visit the centers for disease control and prevention website, www.cdc.gov, to learn about areas at risk for malaria and other diseases. There are drugs that can easily prevent the malaria strain, but you have to know about it first to prevent it. Medication for your protection must be taken one week before travel and continued at weekly intervals when returning home. When traveling abroad, it is better to be safe than sorry! Check out the cdc website today!

After a several month break, we are now back up and running. Beginning with the March/April 2007 archives, be looking for travel tips each month that will enhance your travel vacation.

"May-August 2006"

If you are looking for a way to speed through the security checkpoint at the airport, the U.S. Transporation Security Administration offers a number of tips for those traveling by air. At the passenger security checkpoint, you must place all carry-on baggage and personal items on the belt of the x-ray machine. Laptop computers and video cameras with cassettes must be removed from their carrying case and placed in one of the bins provided. If you are wearing a jacket or sportcoat, it must be removed and placed in the bin as well. Also, remove your shoes if applicable. All these things will assist you in a speedy transit through security.

Please note that Travel Tip Archive page took a hiatus for the winter. The next segment will continue with the May/June 2006 segment.

"November/December 2005"

Another segment of "Travel Like a Pro..." When traveling abroad, cultivate the art of polite conversation. It will open an amazing number of doors. Ask too many questions about private matters, show no interest in others, or become overly loud, and those doors will shut. No matter where you are in the world, courtesy and fact will make for a better journey than a first class ticket!

"September/October 2005"

Why base your travel choices on one person's opinion when you can get input from many? It is always preferable to get tips from real travelers. Although guidebooks and travel articles usually have a single author, online travel guides like TripAdvisor.com compile reviews fromt thousand of travelers. Other web sites that collect feedback from travelers include IgoUgo.com, where amateur travel writers post searchable journals with reviews and photos, and Yahoo! Travel (travel.yahoo.com), with a travel guide feature that covers 17,000 cities. All three sites provide links to travel companies that let you shop for prices and book your trip online.

"July/August 2005"

My next installment of traveling like a pro focuses on traveling quietly. Now what do I mean by that? Just because you think you are the world's greatest conversationalist doesn't mean that everyone within earshot wants to know about your divorce, children, political views, or current ailments. Be aware of your surroundings and be courteous to fellow travelers. It will make for a much more pleasant trip for everyone, including yourself!

"May/June 2005"

This month's installment of traveling like a pro focuses on not acting lost... even if you are!!! Lost tourists with maps and frantic expressions look like a sick sheep to a hungry wolf! Thieves and pickpockets are only too eager to help. Plan your trip out before you leave your hotel. And if you need directions, ask in local shops rather than stopping strangers on the streets no matter how friendly they seem. Travel smart and travel safe. Next time will we explore the concept of traveling quietly - check back in July!

"March/April 2005"

Travel like a local... there's no need to stand out when you travel abroad. Here are a few tips to help you in having a safe and ejoyable vacation wherever in the world you choose to go! Dress to blend in. When deciding what's appropriate, observe the locals. In Rome, for example, you'll see men and women wearing pants and shirts/blouses (not tank tops or shorts). This is due to the many signifcant religous sites such as St/ Peter's Cathedral who do not allow that type of dress code. In general, you should leave the huge shoulder bags and expensive jewelry at home. Also, get a small digital camera you can place in your pocket and leave the camera with the strap around the neck to the pros. Next month's tip will continue this theme -check back in May for the next installment!

"January/February 2005"

Take note of this - big hotels get childish. A third of all vacationers have kids in tow. As hotels court this demographic, the family travel experience is changing dramatically, says Joe McInerney of the American Hotel and Lodging Association. Kids provide a unique opportunity for hotels to tap into uncharted waters. Look for big-chain innovations aimed at children: Loews offers a family concierge that plans everything from packing strategies to age-appropriate activities. Omni hotels offer kids their own web site, omnikidsrule.com, where they can access games, pages to color and more. Hyatt's kids club, Camp Hyatt offers surfing, crab catching and youth spa treatments. Your kids will have a great time!

"October/December 2004"

Buying travel online used to mean shopping a la carte: purchase the flight, then the hotel, then hunt for transportation and entertainment. But the major online travel companies now offer a buffet approach that can save you time and money. Travelocity offers a cost effective way to buy your travel through something called TotalTrip. This feature will price airfare and lodging together, offering a wide range of discounts and taken the guesswork out of figuring the total cost of a vacation. Other sites offering a similar feature include Orbitz, Expedia, CheapTickets, and Site59. Have a great vacation and save some $$$$ too!

"August/September 2004"

Stop the presses - you can eat healthy and vacation too! Business and leisure travelers can stop hoarding their protein bars. It's becoming easier for low-carb advocates to leave home without crashing their diets. For example, Hyatt has introduced low-carb options on its restaurant and room-service menus, Song, Delta Air Lines' budget minded off-spring, serves low-carb food at 30,000 feet. And in September, the first of four cruises on Carnival Cruise Line to Mexico and the Caribbean departs from Long Beach, California, organized by Florida based Car Counter Cruises. Instead of groaning buffets of sugary and starchy treats, guests will dine on menus created by former Atkins Group executive chef Greg Pryor. Traveling and dieting will never be the same!

"June/July 2004"

If you're looking for something different to do this summer, how about checking out two books from Reader's Digest: Off the Beaten Path, their bestselling vacation planner, featuring over 1000 of America's uncrowded and unspoiled must-see destinations. The guide includes maps, tourist informatiaon, websites and more. Or explore the wonders of the USA with Discover America, an information packed guide to over 3000 places, including national parks, quaint towns and historical sites. The books feature spots like Devil's Postpile located near Mammoth Lakes, Furnace Creek in Death Valley National Monument, and retreats in Glacier National Park in Montana. Both are available from bookstores everywhere. Why not try something this summer a little of the beaten path... you'll be glad you did!

"May-May 2003-2004"

With summer quickly coming to an end and school rapidly approaching perhaps it is time to take one last vacation. There are many internet sites that offer legitimate discounted deals. One of my favorite sites is www.site59.com where you can get special package deals for airfare, hotels, and cars to popular tourist destinations. Keep in mind it is always best to check out more than one site before booking - try orbitz.com; hotwire.com; travelocity.com to name but a few. Whatever place you choose to book your trip, you might want to consider travel insurance in case any changes need to be made. Happy traveling!

"March/April 2003"

It is an extremely difficult time economically for airlines especially as our country is at war. The airlines continue to try and be flexible with their travelers. If you have made and paid for airline tickets, you might be able to postpone your trip until a later time. It is imperative, however, that you check with your indidivual carrier to find out their policy as these policies change from airline to airline. It is still safe to travel - in fact air travel is the still the safest way to travel. There are a lot of great deals out there right now - be sure and ask for discounts. Finally, whether or not you agree or disagree with the war, remember to pray for the safe return of our troops and for a swift conclusion to the war.

"January/February 2003"

Because sweet dreams often elude road warriors, more savvy properties now provide nighttime pampering that goes way beyond placing chocolates on a pillow. With "Home Sweet Loews," a program Loews Hotel is testing in the cities of Denver and Montreal, you can get cozy by requesting a terry pillow, a chenille throw, a sound machine, or even a putting green game to play in your room. At all Four Seasons hotels, you have a choice of foam, feather or orthopedic pillows. Westin hotels tuck their sleepy guests into the Heavenly Bed, a white bundle of pillows and plump duvet atop a thickly padded mattress. Be sure to check out what special amenities your hotel has to offer... pleasant dreams!

"November/December 2002"

Cruising your pleasure? It's never been easier to board a cruise, because the ships are coming to cities near you. The combination of many new luxury vessels plus Americans' post-9/11 hesitancy to venture far from home has likely put you within a day's drive of a sleek new vessel. With no airfare to pay, cruises become even more cost-effective. Check with Royal Caribbean International, Norewgian Cruise Lines, Celebrity or Princess Cruises for new embarkation ports and begin packing your bags - the sea is calling!

"September/October 2002"

Here's a new concept in traveling smarter... luggage-less travel. Sports Express and Virtual Bellhop can provde door-to-destination service for your suitcases, golf clubs, ski gear and more, getting your goods to your lodging overnight or in a few days using ground and air couriers. Airlines America West and Delta have partnered with Sports Express, but you can still travel on any carrier and use the service. Prices start at $35 for a small suitcase. Both services track your gear and arrange with your hotel to stow your belongings until you arrive. Check out both sites at www.sportsexpress.com and www. vitualbellhop.com. Breeze though security without those cumbersome bags!

"July/August 2002"

Increased security at U.S. airports is good for your safety, but it can ruin your vacation photos. Bomb detection scanners sometimes "fog" photographic film, which can destroy snapshots. To protect your film, always pack exposed film and disposable cameras in carry-on baggage. Checked baggage goes through more powerful explosive-detection devices that are more likely to damage film. How about processing your film during your trip and returning home with finished photos. Or why not use a digital camera. Ditital photos are unaffected by airport X-rays. Don't miss out on those photo memories from your vacation!

"May/June 2002"

Need a good mechanic to check out the engine before heading on on a road trip? Check out www.motorist.org. This is the web site for the Motorist Assurance Program. It provides among other things a database information on shops that have met certain standards. Punch in a city, state and zip code to call up a listing of shops and their specialities. Be safe, be smart - make sure your car is in fine working order before taking to the road.

"March/April 2002"

Looking for a place to check out daily tips that could be very relevant to your automobile and travel needs? Check out www.motorminute.com. This informative site offers a daily "Motor Minute," as well as travel and transportation related info intended to help motorists save time, money and perhaps even their lifes. Take a minute today to check it out!

"January/February 2002"

Having car problems out on the road isn't fun, but with the help of your trusty computer, you can find information on service and repair shops around the country. Check out www.asashop.org. Log onto this site and you'll find a database of the 12,000 member-businesses of the Automotive Service Association. The group's goal is to "advance professionalism and excellence of the automotive industry." Specialties - mechanical, collision and/or transmission - for each business are also listed. Before you head out on that road trip, make a list of these reputable businesses in the areas you will be traveling. It could save you lots of heartache (and money) later on.

"December 2001"

Headed out on a road trip and want to avoid construction zones? Log on to www.randmcnally.com and check out this map maker. On the site there is a place that allows you to list all the states through which you will be traveling. What you'll get is a listing of all the planned construction projects on those roads. The site is updated twice a month. It pays to plan ahead and avoid stress when you're "on the road again". Make it your last stop before heading out!

"November 2001"

It is always best to be prepared when planning a trip. Want to know something about a particular state or government located in the USA? Then www.cybertravel.qc.ca/usa/usa.map/htm is the site for you. This site provides links to each state's tourism bureau or government's home page. You can find out all kinds of information about places you'll be traveling, including advance knowledge of scheduled highway road construction. Check it out today!

"October 2001"

Security concerns at airport locations have changed the way people prepare to travel. A few things to keep in mind, you can now only carry on one bag (and a purse, laptop, or briefcase). This is a new FAA regulation and exceptions cannot be made. How can you fit everything in your carry on bag and eliminate the chance of a lost bag? Check out www.travelite.org for tips on how to turn a few clothing items into a week's wardrobe and pare down the toiletry supplies. Traveling light is much less stressful... give it a try!

"September 2001"

Whether it's a long weekend at a nearby resort or a month-long journey to a faraway land, you can increase your chances of a healthy trip by following a few recommendation from the American College of Emergency Physicians (ACEP). Before your embark on your trip, visit your physician. Ask for a medical summary of current conditions for which you are being treated. If you wear glasses or contact lenses, bring an extra pair along on your trip and a copy of your eyeglass/contact lense prescription. Be sure to pack your physician's telephone number and a list of current medications and dosages. And don't forget your medical insurance card in case you are out of your area of coverage. Most insurance plans will cover a member in a medical emergency anywhere in the world. Be safe and smart and plan for the unexpected. You'll be glad you did.

"August 2001"

If you are looking for advice about traveling with your little ones, visit www.babycenter.com/travel. The most precious bundles get first-class care with Baby Center's smart travel tips for expectant mothers and parents with young kids. Whether you're trying to stay comfortable or help your child adjust to travel, this site has expert tips, checklists and advice from site visitors. Pulldown menus address issues such as family-friendly vacations and health and safety tips for pregnant women. Before you travel, check it out!

"July 2001"

Seasoned, savvy and cynical - travel experts take the industry to task at www.ticked.com. Dedicated to preventing bad trips, ticked-off columnists sound off on high rates, online gimmicks and poor airline service, while offering valuable tips along the way. This is top-notch travel advice with an attitude to match... check it out before you head out on vacation!

"June 2001"

Need a resource for budget travel (besides me)? Check out Arthur Frommer's budget travel resource online at www.frommers.com/tips. Arthur Frommer literally wrote the book on budget travel. Now you can find out how to save big bucks and satisfy your champagne tastes on a beer budget. Don't miss out on the sections called Affordable Islands and Cost-cutting Clubs. It's a great way to hold on to your hard earned cash and still have a great vacation!

"May 2001"

Planning a road trip? Get your browser ready. The Net should be your first stop when planning a vacation by car. The Web is a source of invaluable information (you found my site :) and should be included in planning the trip. You can find directions at www.mapquest.com, get a room at a discount at www.resort.com or www.lastminutetravel.com and even save on fuel at www.gaspricewatch.com. Want to know information on the National Park Service? Check out www.nps.gov which offers detailed information on everything from the Aleutian World War II National Historic Area to Yellowstone National Park. Utilize the resources of the web to have the best vacation ever... and drive safely!

"April 2001"

Once you have a trip planned, surf over to Virtual Bellhop. You can call the toll-free number (877) 235-5467 or submit a request online to arrange for a "bellhop" to arrive at your front door on the day of departure, whisk your luggage away and ship it to your destination. Price varies according to luggage and destination. Imagine having one less thing to worry about when your plan your trip away!

"March 2001"

Concierge.com, the Web site for Conde Nast Traveler Magazine, emulates those helpful people in the hotel lobby who assist with dinner reservations, directions, and so on. The site also lists vacation hot spots and links to a booking service that can arrange a getaway. Check out this useful site when traveling to an unfamiliar destination.

"February 2001"

If the program SOAR doesn't work for you in eliminating your fear of flying, be sure and check out Anxieties.com. They have a section of their web site devoted to the fear of flying. The site is in the book-selling business, but also offers a free self-help click-through tutorial. More resources for combating the phobia can be found at Anxietycoach.com.

"January 2001"

Would you like to overcome your fear of flying? SOAR, a program for those afraid to fly, estimates that 50 million Americans suffer from what is called airplane anxiety. This program, run by licensed therapist and pilot Tom Bunn, is one of the best sites promoted on the WEB. The web address is www.fearofflying.com. For free advice, read the FAQ page where Bunn answers questions from fearful fliers. Don't let your fear inhibit your chance to see the world. There are many resources to help you combat your fears. Check out SOAR today!

"August-December 2000"

When you are traveling with a toddler, keep your plans simple. Consider renting a cottage or cabin and taking day trips so your little one will have a sense of stability. You also want to plan your "kid-carrying" strategy carefully. Consider if a stroller or backpack is appropriate in your explorations. While the beach might call for a backpack, it is definitely not the place for a stroller. If you keep your little one comfy and cosy, you will have a much better time!!

"June/July 2000"

When traveling on business or pleasure and checking your bags, be sure to put an itinerary with hotel addresses easily accessible in your bags. That way if you & your bags get separated, the airline will know where to send your bag while you are still on vacation!! Nothing is worse than arriving at your destination and waiting for bags that never arrive. Help the airlines so you & your belongings can be reunited.

Due to unforseen circumstances when Geocities and Yahoo merged, I have been unable to access my web page for several months. Tips will begin again with June 2000. Check back often!!!

"April/May/June/July 1999"

Who ever said you needed money to have a good time. This is my third installment in... how to find the freebies in cities around the country without really trying!! If you have some spare time while on a business trip, or you are just tired of spending mucho dinero (lots of money) at theme parks and tourist traps, or you just want to experience the unique flavor of a city then why not try something like this - in Washington, D.C. where the big bucks are made (literally) visit the Bureau of Engraving and Printing. The FBI offers tours of its crime labs, a history exhibit and firearms demonstrations. Other great places to visit include; The National Arboretum, Museum of Health and Medicine, The Navy Museum, and the Ford's Theatre and Lincoln Museum (site of Lincoln's assassination). Contact the Washington, D.C. Convention and Visitors Association: (202) 789-7000 for more info.

"March 1999"

On the road and sick? It can happen to anyone - even you! If you come down with the flu or a fever when away from home, here is how to get help in the United States when and where you need it. Call HotelDocs, tollfree at 1-800-468-3537, describe your symptoms, and a physician will arrive on average within 35 minutes, often with needed medicine in hand. HotelDocs will dispatch a doctor to your room any time of the day or night, anywhere in the country. The price: $150-195, plus the cost of medicine. This service works well for families with small children.

"February 1999"

Winter time is a great time to get out of doors and enjoy nature in its snowy finest! A ski vacation can be fun and economical at the same time. Most major ski resorts in Colorado, Utah, and even California offer discounts rates for lodging and lift tickets on what they consider "off season." For example, most people wouldn't consider January to be off season, yet in Colorado and parts of Wyoming you can receive excellent discounts. Just keep in mind that it will be extra cold - so be prepared. Check out Jackson Hole Ski Resort, or Steamboat Springs in Colorado. Don't forget in the Tahoe region that some of the best skiing is not at the biggies like Squaw Valley or Heavenly. Check out the prices at Northstar, or Alta in Utah. You could be pleasantly surprised!

"January 1999"

Planning a trip using frequent flyer miles can be very frustrating to say the least. Most airlines only allocate a small portion of seats for earned award travel. These days you can earn frequent flyer miles by renting cars, hotel stays, even buying groceries or paying your mortgage. Although the miles are easier to accumulate, there are still only a set number of seats available. The smart planner will make their air plane reservation several months in advance. It addition, it pays to be flexible on your travel days and times. Six or seven months in advance is not too soon to plan that trip if you are redeeming miles. Planning ahead will save you headaches down the road!

"December 1998"

Going away for more than a day or two? Don't forget to stop the paper delivery and mail delivery to your home. Papers piled up on the lawn and mail in the box is a red flag to criminals that you are away on vacation. In addition, do not leave a message on your message machine indicating you are out of town. Be sure your trip is a happy and safe one for you and your home!

"November 1998"

Planning the trip of a lifetime? Well things can and do happen that are out of our control. Most tour companies offer cancellation insurance for people planning a trip. You might think - this will never happen to me... once I plan my trip I am going no matter what! But unforseen circumstances can alter the best laid plans. Spend a little extra to purchase that insurance and if you do have to cancel, you will not be throwing your hard earned money away!

"October 1998"

One of the most inexpensive ways to purchase airline tickets is on line. Besides well known travel sites like travelocity, most major airlines have their own web sites for making travel reservations. In addition to being able to select your own dates and times, most carriers offer specials just for online users. A note of warning, if you choose to purchase cheap tickets from a wholesaler or a service such as priceline, most major carriers will not protect your purchase if your carrier's flight is cancelled. Purchasing online from a reputable travel site, or from the airline travel sites directly is your safest bet when planning an airline trip!

"September 1998"

With summer at an end and all the kids headed back to school, now is the perfect time to plan a mini back to school vacation. Many hotels and resorts, along with airlines offer discounted rates after the summer peak travel season. When calling for a hotel reservation, if given a rate that seems far too high, be sure to ask if there are any specials. The same criteria works for the airlines. Don't be afraid to be flexible - and you can have a little mini vacation for up to half the standard price!

"August 1998"

There are so many different type of luggage options to choose when purchasing your travel accessories. Keep in mind that most baggage is handled by automation. Softsided canvas bags are very inexpensive, but also rip easily. Most airlines will not guarantee baggage repairs against what they consider normal wear and tear. It's something to consider when choosing between less expensive canvas bags vs the more resistent hard sided luggage that is significanly more expensive. Be sure to check out all your options before making the purchase!!

"July 1998"

Most major airlines have pet embargos for the summer months. You want to keep this in mind when planning a trip and considering whether or not to take your pet along. Although cargo holds are tempature controlled, the tarmac where the baggage and pets wait before being loaded onto the airplane can be extremely hot. In addtion, if there is an illregular operation and the aircraft is delayed, your pet could be tramatized, suffer from heat exhaustion, or even in extreme conditions, pass away. Be sure and check with your airline before you make your final plans. Keep your pet safe!

"June 1998"

International destinations are the hot ticket this summer. If booking an airline reservation and using frequent flyer miles, you must be prepared to be extremely flexible not only with your dates and times but your destination as well. Airlines only allocate a small amount of frequent flyer seats per flight. The smart traveler books his itinerary as far in advance as possible... nine to ten months ahead is not too far in advance. Be sure to check with your airline's frequent flyer program for more information.

"May 1998"

When booking a hotel or car reservation, don't be satisfied with the initial price you are quoted. Most hotels and rental car agencies have specials that you may qualify for. Like most sales people, a reservations agent will only give you a rate for the dates and times you have requested. If you are able to be flexible, or belong to an association such as the Automobile Club, you may find you can save large amounts of money. The secret is... don't be afraid to ask for a discounted rate!!!

"April 1998"

When traveling to a place you have never been, be sure and check what the climate and weather are like during the time you will be there. Most tourbooks will have weather and climate information. In addition, be sure and check a news or weather service such as the weather channel several days prior to your departure. Keep in mind that weathermen can only accurately predict weather for a 48-72 hour time period. A little advance preparation will make your trip far more comfortable!

"March 1998"

If you travel by air and your flight is 2 hours or longer, there is a good likelihood that you will be served a meal. With at least 12 hours notice, you can order a special meal that will fit your dietary needs. Most airlines offer a large variety of special meals including; vegetarian, seafood, low-fat, kids, and many many more. Be sure and contact your airline for more info.

"February 1998"

As airlines report incidences of clear air turbulance, be sure and be proactive when traveling by air. Even if your particular airline does not have a policy about seat belts, it's better to be safe than sorry. When seated, always keep your seat belt fastened!

"January 1998"

Be sure and check with each individual airline on their policy regarding carry-on baggage. Depending upon the type of plane and your destination, the allowance could be either one and two bags. Items such as handbags, umbrellas and overcoats are except from this policy. As well, airlines reserve the right tocheck your bag if does not fit the dimensions for carry-on baggage.

"December 1997"

If after unpacking you need to remove wrinkles from your clothing, hang them in your bathroom and let them absorb the steam from a hot shower. You and your clothes will not only feel refreshed, but they will look far less wrinkled!

"November 1997"

Overlapping clothes as they are packed helps reduce wrinkles. For example, pack the top half of a pair of pants, with the lower half hanging out of the suitcase. Then pack a shirt, with the sleeves hanging out. Fold the bottom of the pants over the shirt, then fold the shirt sleeves over the pants. The result will be far less wrinkled clothing!!

"October 1997"

Packing your clothes in dry-cleaning bags will help cut down on wrinkles. Fold clothing backward to minimize wrinkles in the front, and make as few folds as possible.

"September 1997"

Keep in mind that federal regulations require a government issued picture identification for when you travel. Be sure to carry your drivers license/state or government ID or you may be denied boarding the aircraft. Airlines are mandated to match ID with the travelers.

"August 1997"

Be sure and arrive at the aiport at least one hour before departure for domestic flights, and at least two hours before departure for international destinations. This will ensure that both you and your baggage will make the flight.

"July 1997"

For international travelers, put a copy of your passport into each piece of luggage. That way, you'll have identification even if your passport gets stolen.

"June 1997"

Have you noticed that luggage on the moving turnstyles look an awfully lot alike? Get a brightly colored luggage tag and you can spot yours a mile away!

"May 1997"

Always use your business address on your luggage tag. If you use your home address, you may be notifying thieves of your absenceand inviting burglary or vandalism.

"April 1997"

Put a copy of your itinerary of travel into each piece of luggage you check. That way if one of you gets lost in route, your luggage can find you!

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