Schwartz, endless Black

Schwartz: A Tainted White



As this is my second site and I am, shall we say, just a wee bit more serious this time. I have decided to make the backdrop of my Schwartz shrine the exact opposite of their supposedly official color.  As I am a lover of irony and parodic sarcasm, it is, in my opinion, a good way of emphasizing the "blackness" of the Schwartz, how "tainted" they really are.  Just as the Weiß shine out in the darkness, so the Schwartz  stain the whiteness upon which they are deeply contrasted. Take note that this site will feature links to other Schwartz-related webpages, as well as other sites of which I take great interest. Up to here, please feel free to roam around.

[note]: I am not a keen supporter of yaoi or doujinshi, so those of you who are looking for a little of these said subjects, I have done you justice by linking up to other sites which feature such fanstuff. Also, you can check out the Shwartz webring below.

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