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a.k.a. Jei (This is actually his REAL name...)
Apperance: An eyepatch over his left eye, multiple scars on his face and a manical look. @@

Name: Farfello
Nickname: Farfie
Hair: Red, in the Manga, Light Blue in the anime
Eyes: Maroonish brown (manga), Gold (anime)
Nationality: Irish
Organization: Shwartz (meaning "Black"), leader
Age: 20
Special Abilities: He cannot feel pain
Weapons: His speed, and his knife things
Voice Actor: Nakao Ryuusei

Is mostly seen: Licking his knife with a manical grin, just staring into space with said manical grin. Sometimes seen in individual shoots in a straightjacket. #.#
Personal Comments: I think he's a cool *freak*, all painless and scarred and stuff. It's weird, really. First you get freaked out by him big-time, and then you gradually find him cool. I dunno! (But his manga design was quite annoying, mind you...) His past is worth reading, so...


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