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by Dennis L. McKiernan

As one of my very dearest readers (my heart mate, my Martha Lee) said, "Returning to Mithgar, it's like years later having your best friend in college come knocking on your door."

"That's true," I replied, "at least for me it is."

And, as it turns out, following a long absence, Mithgar once again came knocking on my door.

For the previous five years, I had been traveling through each of the four seasons and one final war in the land of Faery, dealing with surly witches and one very bad wizard, after which I once again joined the Black Foxes for another go at Avery. I had just finished the overthrow of that AI, when there sounded that knock at my door.

It was Mithgar.

We fell into each other's arms, and I gladly invited my old friend in. And we talked and talked and talked for the next six months--nearly nonstop, I kid you not.

And we reminisced about our first meeting.

September, 1977.

I was flat on my back with a shattered femur in a hospital in Columbus, Ohio. (To make a long story short: I was competing in a motorcycle cross-country event; I got run over by a car; busted my femur into at least fifty pieces.) Anyway, as They--you know them, they are the "They"--as They were putting me in a cast that went from my armpits to over my toes, this stranger walked in: he looked a lot like Middle Earth, not really a twin, but more like a sequel. We became fast friends, that day. And I began writing his story.

That was in 1977, but by the early 1980s I realized this friend was really Mithgar, with its Warrows and Baeron and Pysks and Dwarves and Elves and Draega and Dragons and other such inhabitants. And so came The Iron Tower and The Silver Call and Dragondoom and The Eye of the Hunter and all the rest--duologies, trilogies, novels, collections--some fifteen Mithgar books in all (my friend has a lot of stories to tell).

Returning to Mithgar is also like coming home after a long absence--me being the prodigal son. "Oh, my lord," I cry, "I see Aravan and Aylis and their splendid Elvenship, the Eroean. Oh, look, Warrows! How I've missed the Boskydells and their Wee Folk: hearty and funny, stalwart and true, na´ve and deadly--and, at need, perhaps the most prolific killers in all of Mithgar. And fox-riding Pysks--so very tiny, so vulnerable, so lethal when pushed to their limits."

I've had many a reader tell me that they would love to live in Mithgar. "What?" I ask. "Do you realize just how deadly Mithgar can be at times?" But I know what they mean. You see, Mithgar, despite all its perils, is a wonderful friend, and I love having companions trekking across Mithgar at my side.

Anyway, after returning from Faery and from a second visit to Avery's perilous virtual reality, there came a knock at my door, and it was my priceless friend come to visit again. We embraced and clapped one another on the back, and when we had settled down, "Let me tell you about the lost City of Jade," he said.

"Ooo, that sounds interesting."

"Indeed," he replied.

"When is it set?"

"In the time between Silver Wolf, Black Falcon and Red Slippers: More Tales of Mithgar."

"Who's in it?"

"Your favorite Elf," he whispered.

"Aravan? Silverleaf?"

"Both, but mainly the one with the Elvenship."

"Is his truelove, Aylis, with him?"


"Who else?"

"A couple of Warrows: Binkton Windrow and Pipper Willobank, cousins, and, oh, my, the things they do and the trouble they get themselves into."

"Any Dwarves?"

"Oh, yes. It wouldn't be much of a story without Dwarves."

"Any others?"

"Aylissa the Pysk and her fox, Vex, along with Mages and Baeron and Silver Wolves and many others."

"Who is the villain?"

"Oh, you are going to love to hate him. A nasty one, he is. You've met him before, but only briefly."

"Okay, okay. I'm all on pins and needles. Say on, say on, and I'll write it all down."

And so my very best friend told me the tale, and during the telling I dwelt in the City of Jade, another perilous place to be in the world of Mithgar. And now it's your turn. But watch out, for deadly danger lurks within.

- Dennis L. McKiernan

Black Foxes ("Cogito" Working Title), ? (Sequel to Caverns of Socrates!)
Lord of the Ravens, ?

To be announced

To be announced

1E9252: The Dragonstone
1E9574-75: Voyage of the Fox Rider
2E2195: The Hel's Crucible Duology
3E1602-03: Dragondoom
4E2018-19: The Iron Tower Trilogy
5E231-32: The Silver Call Duology
5E989-90: Eye of the Hunter
5E1009-10: Silver Wolf, Black Falcon
6E1-10: City of Jade

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