Hi Hi! =)

I have updated my site just a tad. I've added pictures of my new bunny and a page that has a couple really fun games on it. The next page I intend to update is the Lyrics one. It will have music videos that you can watch AND some lyrics.

Last Update: 03.02.05

The wedding pictures (and large number of people trying to view them) were hell on my allocated space, so many of your were having trouble viewing this page at all. To solve the problem I have moved the pictures to an alternate account and managed to decrease the file size. Everything should be good now.

Last Update: 02.23.04

Ok, well I have added a few pictures, including wedding ones. You can find them by going to "Me and My Weird Self", clicking on the link to my pictures at the bottom of the page, and then clicking the link on my picture page.Or if you're lazy, you can find them by clicking here.

Last Update: 02.21.05

It's been a million years I know! Life's been really busy lately with me moving to another country and my current Halo 2/X-box Live addiction. But I have decided to jump-start the old profile page as a new way to kill time, rather than spending it all on Red Vs Blue.com especially after some nice harassment by assholes today. So maybe I will finally get around to adding all the things I wanted/want to, we'll see.

Also Updated a couple pages and added my Halo 2 stats link

Last Update 1.25.05

Modified the "Me" page

Last Update 11.08.04

More Quizzes! Ehehe -_-

Last Update: 10.17.04

I added MORE quizzes.. ehehe I know -_-'. But I like them. I'll put the newer stuff at the top so you wont have to go through old ones to get to the new ones.

Last Update 10.13.04

I added my quiz and meme page! ^^ They have newer and different quizzes, the ones from before were annoying and not working right so..

Last Update: 10.12.04

I've updated my "Me" page to coinside with me LOL, and my EQ page as I deleted and started some new chars. I plan to add more I just haven't found the time. I wanted to add my quiz page but things aren't working anymore and messing with html crap is time-consuming and I don't feel like doing it right now LOL. I know I'm lazy -_-'.

Ladt Update: 10.05.04

ALL RIGHT! All pages on this profile site have been successfully updated! Mwahaha! Only thing left to do now is to add a few more pages I had intended to add but never got around too

Last Update: 08.17.04

Welcome to my profile. I am working on trying to update my profile as it badly needs it. And the fact that I'm working on it should be obvious dammit *shakes her fist*.I'm also trying to make it look more the way I wanted and finish the links that I have had up for ever and yet to do anything about.. ehehe -_-'.

Last Update: 05.30.04

Me and My Weird Self
My Halo 2 Stats
My Live Journal