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Congratulations Molly
You Won!!!
Hope you have a great birthday!!!!!
Santana just drew your name out of a hat.
Molly has won 1 coffee mug
with Molly's picture on it from our generous sponsor
We know you will have a great birthday.
You are gonna get spoiled.

This is so exciting.
Thanks so much Santana for drawing my name
for the prize this month.
My first time in a club and already a winner.
I am so lucky.
My life has changed so much since I was a stray
and I am so Happy. This is an added bonus.
Thanks again.
I am getting spoiled but it is so much fun .
Whisker kisses,


If anyone in this area is looking for a pet to adopt, please check with me. You never know--- our S.P.C.A may have just the furbaby for you!

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Thanks for the beautiful award Zachary!
If you want to vist Zacharyclick here

We are glad to share our spot on the web with others, not as lucky as we.
And hope they all find homes and will be just as happy !

Here are some pictures of ME!
I will be 17 years old on the 14th. of August 2004
(March 2004)And can you believe it!!
They brought a DOG into MY house!
At least she is a little one and cute too.
I guess I will let her live here, if it means so much to everyone else.
Hope she likes cats!
Will keep you updated!

Here I am waiting for Mom to go on computer,
so I can get on her lap!


"This is my first picture taken in my new "forever" home!
Aren't I just the cutest pup you ever saw?"
"Now all I have to do is win Niki over."

You better not mess with me!
Niki is Boss.
But I am so cute I will win him over!

Getting along pretty good, Aren't we?

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