Hello I am Mixed Nuts, also known in CUSA as Kuka, formally known as NikkiBear. I thought after 10 years that I deserved a new name and believe me, this new name suits me to a "T"! I am often known, both in real life and on the internet to do some really goofy, nutty things *GRIN* Most of my friends are nodding their heads right about now *BLUSH* *GOOFY GRIN*

My email link is down below so please feel free to contact me. I don't bite, I promise. God bless you and I pray you have an awesome day in the Lord :) Below is a special poem and prayer for all of the single people out there :) It is a poem from my heart that the Lord gave me many years ago. Praise God He has blessed me with the most AWESOME man in my life. God is SO good and is good ALL THE TIME! ... NEWS FLASH!!!! ... Please check back soon as I will be adding photos of Scotty and I - WE GOT MARRIED!! I will be adding photos of our engagement BBQ, our Wedding and our Honeymoon to Paradise Michigan :) I am also now known as ScottysBEBE. Scotty is my hubby's nickname on the internet because he is half Scottish like me and I am his BEBE, he sayes, which stands for - Beautifully Enchanting Blue Eyes! :)

This is how I looked before I got it all cut off. I have made a promise to a certain someone, he knows who he is *wink*, that I will never cut my hair again and I intend to keep that promise. Hopefully soon my short hair will be a thing of the past :)

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All buttons, banners etc are made by Mixed Nuts herself, me :) If you would like to "borrow" any of these themes, please email me and put a link back to my site on your page so other people may know where you got them from.

Most of the midi on this site is by Enya from her Paint The Sky With Stars CD :)