Angel & Gabrielle

      Gabrielle(left) and Angel(right)on the bathroom sink

      Aren't these girls typical sisters? Sharing a bathroom! Could they be more sisterly?! Of course, being of the feline persuasion they don't have to worry about fighting over the hairdryer and hot rollers. We cats have naturally perfect hair! We do not know the meaning of a bad hair day.

      Now these two ladies are special - they are my "godcats". That's right. Seeing as how one particular photo of me led to these kitties finding a good home, well, I have been designated as their godmother! Click here to see that special pic and it's history.

      Angel (on the right in the pics) was the first to find a happy home with humans Jennifer and Kristen. She brought them such joy that Kristen begged for a sister for her, so enter came Gabrielle! Things have been twice as nice ever since.

      Gabrielle and Angel, back to back

      "One cat just leads to another"
      - Ernest Hemingway

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