Kate is our neighbor cat. She actually belongs to the lady next door, but spends a lot of her time over here. Well, Michelle does put food out for her and T.J., our other outside cat so what do you expect.

      Kate loves to come over and visit me. Actually, I think she mostly just likes coming in the house! She and I play together. First thing I do when Kate walks in is tackle her! Sometimes we even flip over. Boy, do we have fun!

      Kate visiting in the house

      Kate has a very interesting purr. Michelle thinks it sounds like a dove cooing. She can get very loud believe me.

      The reason I like Kate so much is that she acts like a protective older sister to me. When I make one of my infrequent trips outside, Kate is always there to make sure I don't wander off too far. She makes a girl feel secure.

      "There are two means of refuge from the miseries of life : music and cats."
      - Albert Schweitzer