Meet my cousin Kippy! Kip and I are first cousins - his human mama and my human mama are sisters.

      He's also related to another cat on my site, Kate. Kippy is Kate's nephew. Kate's sister Allie is Kippy's cat mama. Unfortunately Allie is no longer with us. She disappeared earlier this year and we haven't seen hide nor hair of her since. A real shame.

      But Allie sure left a great legacy in Kip! Isn't he a big, handsome fella? Actually I don't think this photo quite conveys Kip's imposing size.

      He's most often greeted with the comment "Geez, would ya look at the size of that cat!" Or "That's not a cat - that's a tiger!"

      Kippy's favorite resting spot is the big, blue recliner in the den. It shows off his handsome orange coat nicely - he thoughtfully leaves some fur hairs there for his humans.

      He's also thoughtful in bringing home his hunting prizes to his family. He once brought a live bird into the house, planning to allow Lisa, Stan and Lauren to share in the fun of the hunt. Oh, it caused plenty of excitement all right as Stan chased the bird around the house for an hour. Sadly, though, his humans just don't appreciate the finer apsects of life. But he loves them anyway!

      "There is no need for a piece of sculpture in a home that has a cat."
      - Wesley Bates