(aka Carlotta von Kittensdorf)

      Kitty showing her appreciation for art

      My pal Kitty is so articulate that I am going to let her do the honors of telling you about herself. Kitty, take it away!

      "I am so very flattered that you want to feature me on your site. This is a very fine and first class place for me to make my debut. Globe wanted to do a piece, and People has been hounding me, but I have held out for your site.

      I am still a very young and vigorous creature. I am full of curiosity, and roam the streets of Muncy, Pa. seeking adventure night and day. I am loved by many, but I am still holding out for Mr. Right. I am devoted to my family. They took me in when all looked bleak, and I didn't even have a litter box to call my own. They treat me just like one of the family. We eat and sleep together, although not at the same time, as they have a very weired pattern of life. I have made myself adjust to them, as they just don't seem willing to learn new ways.

      I lead a good life now. Protected and loved, with good food and fresh water daily. My passion is still Tuna fish, I must confess. When I hear the can opener, I virtually swoon with anticipation. They usually let me lick the can, which I do with wild abandon. In my wilder moments, I must tell you in all frankness, that I caught a live bird. But, I swear, I did not eat one feather. I just toyed with it. Ah, now that that's out, I feel better.

      If you care to know more, write me, and I will have my secretary respond.

      As you can see from my glossy, I am an art lover. In addition I would like it known that I can and do open closet doors myself.

      My friends and family call me Kitty, so feel free to do the same.

      Till next time....Kitty"

      Well, thank you Kitty. I must say that is the best written bio on the site. I'll have my secretart contact your secretary for further pics and updates!

      Speaking of your secretary, Stan - I hear he's written a most inspirational poem on my secretary, Michelle's site. As a matter of fact, I have a link to it right here A Poem of Hope I'm sure all of you will enjoy it!

      "Civilization is defined by the presence of cats"