Life of Lulu


      Yes, it's Lulu's life and the livin' is easy! What could be better. I eat and sleep as much as I like in a cozy little home; I'm adored and pampered by loving humans who constantly tell me how beautiful I am. The way I see it, the only way things could be better is if I were fed a can of tuna everyday.

      I do have a passion for tuna. Of all the foods I love (and there are many) it is my absolute favorite. Michelle can barely get the can open because I am right there in the big fat middle of it anxious to get my share.

      Other dishes I'm partial to include spaghetti sauce, Hormel chili, carrots, Campbell's vegtable beef soup, and pop tarts (strawberry filling please). Don't worry, I eat catfood too - I fluctuate between Iams and Chef's Blend. First though, I start my day off with a cat treat. After Michelle stumbles into the kitchen to make a pot of Community Coffee I patiently (HA!) wait for her to serve me some Whisker Lickin's Double Delights or my newest favorite, Pounce Crunchy Treats. MMMMMMMMMMM!

      Lulu chows down

      Michelle is amply rewarded for tending to my culinary cravings. I love to give kisses, so whenever I'm feeling happy and content I turn on the Lulu Love and kiss her right on the face!

      I'm quite popular with the little girls in the neighborhood. They ask their mama's "Can I go see Lulu?" My regular visitors are Jordan, Reena, Jacqueline, and Tiffany. I get kind of shy around them - I do better one on one than all of them at the same time. Michelle still can't get me to do my jumping trick for them, where Michelle holds her arm stretched out and I jump straight up, really high, and grab on to it. It's pretty cool, but as you know, I don't perform on command.

      I'm not sure it qualifies as a trick, but another thing I love to do is hook my front claws into the carpet and drag myself along the floor. It's really fun, and you know, sometimes you just don't feel like walking.

      I also love it when Michelle takes the laundry out of the dryer. She dumps all the clean, warm clothes on the bed to fold them, and I just jump right into the middle of the pile. It's heaven! All warm and cozy. We play tug-of-war when she's ready to fold something I'm still laying under.

      Well, it's time for one of my many daily naps. Did you know that we cats average sixteen hours of sleep a day? You humans are nuts with your measly eight hours! I've definitely got the better deal.

      The bestin the world.