Marie climbs a tree

      Meet Marie LeMieux, a little Cajun cat! Doesn't she have a great French name? I love it. I kind of wish my last name was LeMieux. "Lulu LeMieux"....has a nice ring to it, huh? Oh, well, I'm digressing here. Back to Marie!

      Marie's human, Rene' (another fine French name), named her after Boudreaux's long-suffering wife Marie. Now for those of y'all who aren't from South Louisiana, Boudreaux is a not so bright Cajun character who, along with his pal Thibideaux, is the subject of the very popular Boudreaux and Thibideaux jokes.

      Marie rests inside the garden hose

      Rene' tells me that Marie is the sweetest kitten. I can believe that - I mean, she couldn't look any sweeter in these pictures. Marie has such a good personality that she even gets along with their dog Belle! She likes to play with the pooch, chasing each other around the house. Sometimes she sleeps curled up beside Belle! Rene' has got to get me a picture of that!

      Marie enjoys going outside and rolling around in the grass. And like most of us cats, Marie loves plastic bags - she especially loves Wal-mart bags. Rene says those are her favorite!

      Being such a sweet cat, it's not surprising that Marie has a sweet tooth. She loves Famous Amos cookies. Rene' found this out when Marie climed in the cabinet, threw the box of cookies on the floor, opened it up and started chowing down!! You go girl!

      Hopefully Rene' will take some more great pics of Marie. Y'all keep checking back here to see some more photos of the darlin' Marie!

      "Time spent with cats is never wasted."
      - Colette