Miss Kitty

      Miss Kitty is expecting a phone call

      Well, fiddle-dee-dee, with a name like Miss Kitty, you just know she must be from the South. Yes indeed, this friendly feline is a Georgia Peach and they don't come any sweeter.

      Miss Kitty traded in her previous humans (I prefer to think of it this way rather than her humans abandoning her - an unthinkable idea!) and adopted her new and favorite human, Joyce. When Joyce first spotted Miss Kitty in the neighborhood she noticed she was limping and wondered who the little cat belonged to. Then when she came out a bit later Miss Kitty hopped on over to her and that's when Joyce noticed her little paw had gotten caught in her flea collar! It had caused her neck to get all raw and bloody. Joyce immediately brought her in, cleaned her up, and fed her a can of tuna! All right, Joyce - you're my kind of human!

      Miss Kitty makes a new friend

      Ever since that day in the fall of 1999 Miss Kitty has been a happy cat, enjoying her new home and family and basking in their love. Cat toys by themselves don't interest her too much - she much prefers to play with her humans! Miss Kitty has a special fondness for Joyce, and always rubs her tail against her in a show of affection everytime she passes by.

      "Her function is to sit and be admired"
      - Georgina Strickland Gates