Sixpence is my feline friend from "across the pond"...she lives in merry old England! Her human mama, oh, excuse me, her "mum", is a kind lady named Mary.

      I would have to say Sixpence has Mary well trained - she gets her mum up many times during the night to feed her. The record so far is five times in one night I think! Sixpence rules!

      Like me, she's an indoor cat, which of course means, like me, Sixpence is known to have her "crazy" moments in the house. Jumping from a very tall dresser onto the bed (preferrably with Mary in it!) is enormous fun. She enjoys heights and if Mary so much as slightly bends over Sixpence uses her as her very own human ladder, climbing up and then jumping to a high shelf or cabinet. Those humans really come in handy sometimes!

      Sixpence's mum is a huge Ingrid Bergman fan. In fact, Sixpence is named after a character in a wonderful Ingrid film The Inn of the Sixth Happiness. Sixpence is an honorary member of mum Mary's Yahoo club Ingrid Bergman International. I would venture to say Sixpence knows as much about Ingrid's movies as any human fan!

      "Cat philosophy : I am, therefore give me tuna".