T.J. is one of our outside cats. And when I say outside I mean it. T.J. refuses to come inside at all. Michelle brought him in once while there was a thunderstorm outside, but he meowed and meowed to go back out until she finally had to open the door.

      We're not really sure what has him so spooked about being inside. We figure he must've been mistreated before he came to us. It took Michelle forever to win T.J.'s trust and let her pet him. But she finally won him over and he's very loyal to us.

      Every morning T.J. greets Michelle when she comes outside to feed him. But before he'll start eating T.J. walks down the driveway with her while she picks up the paper, and then walks her back to the door. Isn't that sweet?

      "By associating with the cat one only risks becoming richer."
      - Colette