Zelda, the handsome MALE cat

      You might think that with a name like Zelda, this cat would be a girl. Well, you would be wrong! Call him Mister Zelda! That's right, this handsome cat is all male. For some reason his human family thought he was a girl cat. Humans often get a cat's gender wrong! In their confusion his family named him Zelda after the popular video game. Later on they found out that she was actually a he, but by that time everyone, including Zelda, had gotten used to the name, so it stuck.

      Is Zelda playing Hide and Seek? Born on Oct. 26, 1999 in Colorado, Zelda now resides in Tennessee, and is a young and very playful indoor cat. His favorite toy is a sparkly purple ball that's attached to a stick with a string. When he's feeling frisky he runs upstairs to his "toybox", pulls out the purple ball and brings it down to his humans for a fun game of fetch. If the ball's not handy though, Zelda will settle for a crumpled up piece of paper.

      Zelda in profile Like most of us cats, Zelda can be a finicky eater, at least when it comes to cat food. Only canned food will do for this feline, thank you very much. Dry food - even dry cat treats - puts him in a bad mood. For Zelda, the best cat treat is anything on a human plate!

      Zelda's human, Harmony, has excellent taste in movies and has created a wonderful website on actress Victoire Thivisol, the amazing child actress from the movies Ponette and Chocolat. Please visit her great site by clicking on the photo below. Tell her Zelda and Lulu sent you!

      "As every cat owner knows, nobody owns a cat!"
      - Ellen Perry Berkeley