I believe in miracles
and dreams that will come true
I believe in tender moments
and friendships , through and through.

I believe in stardust
and moonbeams all aglow
I believe theres magic
and more there than we know.

I believe in reaching out
and touching from the heart
I believe that if we touch
a gift we can impart.

I believe that if you cry
your tears are not in vein
And when you're  sad and lonely
others know your pain.

I believe that when we laugh
a sparkle starts to shine
And I just know that spark will spread
from more hearts than just mine.

I believe that hidden
in the quiet of the night
there's magic moths and gypsies
a fairy and a sprite.

I believe that if you dance
the dances of your heart
the greater happiness will find
a brand new way to start.

I believe the gifts  you have
are there for you to share
And when you give them from your heart
the whole world knows you care.

I believe that if you give
even to just one
that gift will grow in magnitude
before the day is done.

I believe that comfort comes
from giving part of me
And if I share with others
there's more for all to see.

I believe that love
is still the greatest gift of all
and when it's given from the heart
then not one of us will fall.
~*~ I   BELIEVE ~*~