Century X
Tant attendu ne reuiendra iamais
Dedans L'Europe, en Afie apparoiftra
I'n de la ligne yflu du grand Hermes
Et fur tous roys des orientz croiftra
Long awaited it will  never return in Europe
He will appear in Asia.One of the league issued
from great Hermes, he will grow  above all the  other powers in the Orient.
This seems to be a continuation of  Quatrain X.LXX11 where Nostradamus talks about The King of the Mongols bringing war to the world.It may also refer to the last Quatrain X.LXX1V  and the war of the seventh number.But Nostradamus sees the Third Antichrist as "Rising"above all powers in the Orient.At the present time it seems that he will probably surface in China.
De brique en marbe feront lesmurs reduits
Sept & cinquante annees pacifiques
loie auxhumains renoue` Laquediuct
Sante` grandz fruict ioye & temps meliftique
The walls will change from brick to marble
Seventy five peaceful years
Joy to human kind, the aqueduct reopened.
health , abundant fruit, joy & mellifluous times.
Perhaps this quatrain is one that describes the peaceful world that Nostradamus envisages after the Millenium?
Century 1V
Libra verra regna les hefperies
De ciel & terre tenir la monarchie,
De`Afie forces nul ne verra peries
Que fept ne trienment par rang la
Libra will be seen to reign in the west
holding the rule over the skies & earth
No one will see the strength of Asia destroyed
until seven hold the hierarchy in succession
An interesting quatrain.It states that when Libra, the balance, rules over the Western World and therefore America, that country will be at the height of its power.But Asian strength will be equally strong until the seventh comes.This does not mean the seventh decade so perhaps it is a  seventh ruler,a change of re`gime?It appears from the last line that a war may occur between the East & West once this seventh successor is in power.This should be linked with the quatrains of the Third Antichrist and global war towards the end of the century.The "seven" is one of the portents of the Millenium.
De pont Euxine & la grande Tartarie
Vn roi fers qui viendra voir la Guale
Tranfpercera Alane & l`Armenie
et dans Bifance lairra fanglante Guale.
Century V
From beyond the Black Sea and great Tartary
there will be a king who will come to see France.
He will pass through Alania And America
leaving his bloody rod in Byzantium.
The mention of a man from the East weilding a bloody rod also occurs in
11.XXLX .Nostradamus is definite that  the Third Antichrist will appear towards the end of the century and that he will come from Asia
(beyond Tartary , which is China).His route appears to go through Southern Russia (Alania & Armenia)around the Balken Peninsula to Turkey, Constantinople.The rod may stand for red power or a bloody weapon. Definitely a quatrain of the future.
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