A page dedicated to America from
Shaneyboy in Australia
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This movie was sent to me by my Aunty that lives in America
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It's a beautiful tribute ..but very emotional to watch
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God Bless America
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Poems By A Few Teenagers
An evil man for thus we blame
Sept 11th his followers came
Blue morning skys, sun filled air
People at work without a care
Horrific hatred from the sky
Around the world we heard their cries

For those that lost a friend this day
Around the world , we all do pray
To you our hearts and love we send
This war , we pray, soon to end
Your in our hearts and every thought
Osama Bin Laden he will be caught

America United you all do stand
From near and far we lend our hand
Justice for the lives thats lost
We'll find the guilty , there is no cost
The Holy Book , I rest my hand
And pray for safety in every land

When war is over , we'll all be free
From terror, evil and missery
Our thanks we'll give for our safe land
To the Army, Navy and every hand
Lives thats lost , will not be in vain
For they gave this world its peace again

The midi thats playing..American Trilogy..Elvis Preslely
America-A Tribute To Heroes