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The Corrs

The Corrs is a group of four siblings from Ireland. They are Andrea, Caroline, Sharon & Jim. What I admire about The Corrs is that their music is one of a kind. It is not an every day music that you listen on the radio. Their music is different and has it's own touch and charisma. Most of the music I noticed are Irish music (of course, since they are from Ireland). Try to listen to them if you haven't. Andrea's voice will stun you and the way Caroline plays her drum will catch your breath!

Each of them has their own talent. Sharon is the one playing the violin, man she is good at it and I do mean good. Has anyone listen to 'Rebel Heart'? I love it sooooo much! I think it is such an incredible music. It's instrumental, anyway just listen to 'Rebel Heart' the music is sooooo nice and peaceful and man I am out of words. The music is simply going to glue you to your seat. You won't get sick listening to it everyday! True, I do that. I listen to it almost everyday. It's a miracle that I survived! I always seem to get sick of the same music that was played everyday, but never do I feel sick listening to 'Rebel Heart'. In my point of view the music, Rebel Heart, is a bit gothic (that is what I think) and it lures you to where your mind takes you. I really do mean it, everytime I listen to Rebel Heart, I am at complete peace and my mind drifted away to some place or I will come up with a poem.

Then there is this one song called 'Hurt Before' and 'Somebody for Someone'... I LOVE the musics and lyrics. I do think that Hurt Before lyrics are awesome and lovely. I think it is a poem, I don't know how to differentiate between normal lyrics and a poem but I do think that it is a poem. Whatever am I saying here? Well enough now, here are their biographies: -

The youngest sibling of The Corrs. She is the lead singer and plays the Tin Whistle.

Full Name - Andrea Jane Corr

Date of Birth - 17 May 1974

Instruments - Tin whistle & Lead vocal

Worst Character - I lose everything!

Like People Who - Live life & are down to earth

Best Musical Experience - Playing to 20,000 people - open air concert on West Coast of Ireland

The second youngest. She plays the Bodhran and drums. She plays the drum like no other can.

Full Name - Caroline Georgine Corr

Date of Birth- 17 March 1973

Instruments - Bodhran , drums and vocals

Worst Character - Pulling at my hair

Like People Who - Are funny and charismatic

Best Musical Experience - Cafe Orchestra - Playing in Dublin

The second eldest sibling of The Corrs. She is an excellent violinist and is also a backup vocalist. You have got to listen to how she plays the violin!

Full Name - Sharon Helga Corr

Date of Birth - 24 March 1970

Instruments - Violin and Vocals

Worst Character - Dogmatism

Like People Who - Are honest

Best Musical Experience - Playing live anywhere is a wonderful experience

Is of course the oldest sibling in the family. He plays the guitar, keyboard and backup vocal. He co-produced the album Forgiven Not Forgotten along with 12 times Grammy Award winning producer David Foster.

Full Name - James Steven Ignatious Corr

Date of Birth - 31 July 1968

Instruments - Keyboard, Guitar and Vocals

Worst Character - Grumpiness due to extreme tiredness

Like People Who - Focus on the positive in other people

Best Musical Experience - Kicking off our world tour in Ireland to a mad screaming audience

Credits to Tribute to the Corrs for the information

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