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Friday, 21st November 2003
Wow, look at this new layout. It hurts the eye huh? Mine does, but I like the layout. My sister said it's something from the seventies and is has the 'hippie' kind of look. The layout reminds me of the beach. The colorful background reminds me of the chair or whatever is it that you call it and the page background looks like the sand. Summer! Hehehe, anyway O Levels is over yesterday! I am so glad that it is and now I have 3 months of holidays until the day I get my result.

I haven't made up my mind whether to go to JIS in Brunei or Sedaya College at KL. Which one should I choose? At JIS, it's 2 years of A Levels whereas at Sedaya is only 1 ½ years. I don't know whether to stay in Brunei or not. Well I think I will do some more thinking. Oh my aunt is going to London next week or is it this week? I don't know. She was sent by the government to take care of the student's affairs there or something. Her whole family is going and they are boarding business class! So nice! Anyway life there will be hard. I am tired and need some major rest.

Blogged at 9:23 a.m.

Saturday, 30th August 2003
Whee, only one day till Malaysia's independence day! Can't wait, but *sigh* I am in Brunei, so I won't be able to see the parade except on TV only. Anyway, see the new layout. Ok I know at the mean time there is not a lot to do but I promise that I will add in more after my O Levels exam. I am a semi-busy person. I will add in the Series, Movies review and Comparison sections after the exam is over. Think that is all.

Saturday, 24th May 2003
It has been long, long, long! Wow, I haven't update a thing! Anyway I will, I promise I will and I will make a mental note to myself. O Levels is on and I do not have that much time as I used to and worse if I go to university I do not think I will ever have the time to update anything. Anyway those who have visited my site please, please sign the g-book, I beg of thee. hehehe, being like Shakespear or however you spell it. Oh I love LOTR, love the books and everything!! Anyway got to go now, and I do promise that I will update as soon as I can =)

Monday, 3rd February 2003
Hi guys it has been a long time since I updated this site. Well at the moment I can't do any update on this site of mine because I am having a major exam coming up. Only after the exam can I do anything with this site. Anyway I have big plans for this site and it is going to be full of information and other stuff. In the mean time please browse around and sign in the guestbook ^_^.

Sunday, 22nd September 2002
Hi all! I have finished the 'Ringtones' section and I will put up more buttons to link to me. What do you think of my site so far? Good or not? I will add in the comparison section between The Corrs and Kru later on. If there is any broken links please report it to me. And sign the G-Book please ^_^.

Friday, 20th September 2002
I added in a few other graphics... the banner/title on each page. A 'Link Me' section will be added in soon. Those who care to make one for me please mail it to me at mizu_awa@yahoo.com and I will give you guys credits for it. Ok that is all.

Thursday, 19th September 2002
I decided to add in ‘Ringtones’ for you guys. The place seems so empty and boring without it. I will try to fit in the mid of the ringtones for you guys, that is only if I am not lazy enough to do it. Nothing much to say here except that my friend, Dah, is pissing me off so much today. We were in the Science lab doing a Physics experiment. We were supposed to heat this rod and metal ball until they cannot pass through their respective holes. I held the rod and heated it while playing with the Bunsen burner by putting the rod on the Bunsen burner’s mouth and move it here and there. Dah got annoyed and made a face. What the f*** is wrong with her? I did not swing it near anyone or her. I was careful with it. God, she needs a mental check up. I know it is partly my fault, but it was for fun, my other friends were laughing but she was the only one with a scowl on her face! Man how happy I am to be moving from Brunei to Australia. I won’t see her damn face again. Anyway that is all... ^_^

Monday, 16th September 2002
Today is so boring, nothing much to say or do. And oh about my poems, can you give reviews on it? I welcome any critiques. Email me of my poems at mizu_awa@yahoo.com Ummm… this site will take a longer time to finish than I expected. The whole family will be moving to Australia in less than a month and yaaaa!! I won't be sitting for my end of year exam. Such a relief ^_^ and no need to read books. Anyway guess that is all for today.

Sunday, 18th August 2002
Today I have nothing much to do except to update this blog of mine, anyway here are the results of the quizzes that I took... mood right now >> Bored and trying to annoy my sister!

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