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Left - Right : Edry, Norman, Yusry

This group consists of three brothers like the Hanson but they are WAY much better than them. Their names are Norman Abdul Halim (eldest), Yusry Abdul Halim (second) and Edry Abdul Halim (third). Norman is the one who has short black hair and goatee beard. Yusry is the skinniest of all and who has recently dyed his hair to some sort of orange or brown color (hey I am not good with describing colors). Then Edry will be the big guy with plaited hair in one of the pictures and is the tallest one too. But I like Norman better than those two ^_^. Anyway they are a Malaysian rap group. And they can surely sing and I have to admit that they are so talented and creative. They are the one who bring rap music to Malaysia and are the one who creates a new music style in the Malaysian music industry.

If you want to know, they are rather controversial back in the 90s. Malaysia was rather not open-minded in the 90s, and so when Kru appeared they bring with them this western music (rap) but fit it in with some Malay music style. Anyway these guys are rather open-minded and they once made a concert in the 90s where they mixed boys with girls. They don't care much about it and plus the teenagers were screaming and jumping up and down during their concert. The elders who saw this or heard about this was furious, especially the extremist ones. They don't like the idea of boys mixing with girls especially when they are Muslims and jumping up and down like animals at the concert.

They file a case and so this spread out like wild fire. Kru had a meeting and asked what is wrong. They know it is not Islamic to do so but then what they present at the concert was for their fans so that they can have a great time. There is this one time where they were accused for creating trash lyrics or something. They said that others SHOULD listen to their music first before accusing them such things. Their music contained messages to their fans and not some trash things that were said.

Later on things cooled down and hey the elders were OK with it. They accept their music and became way open-minded. Anyway again the Kru brothers are really one creative group. They make their own style of music. They do not copy from others and like to experiment with music. They never fail to come up with some new tunes. Their music are the great, really they are, but sadly the good ones now they produced them for other singers and not themselves... so stupid! The good ones they give others to sing and left them with nothing but the boring ones. Anyway below are their biographies ^_^ 

Norman, Yusry, Edry


Noman Abdul Halim

Nick : Normy
Date of Birth : 5 February 1972
Martial Status : Single
Education : 'O' Levels & 'A' Levels & LCCI Diploma in Accounting & LCCI Diploma in Cost Accounting.
Fav. Food : Nasi Lemak
Fav. Drink : Coke
Fav.Singer : Mariah Carey , Micheal Bolton, P Ramlee , Hammer , Bobby Brown, The Beatles dan Depeche Mode
Fav. Color : Purple & Black
Idols : Simon le Bon (Duran Duran)

Yusry Abdul Halim

Nick : Yus
Date of Birth : 15 June 1973
Martial Status : Married (with Erra Fazira, an actress and singer)
Education : Audio Engineering
Fav. Food : Fast Food
Fav. Drink : Coke
Fav. Singers : Beatles, Erasure ,Pet Shop Boys & Depeche Mode
Fav. Colour : Blue & Black
Idols : John Lennon & Paul McCartney

Edry Bin Abdul Halim

Nick : Didi
Date of Birth : 28 April 1976
Martial Status : Married (with Milia Mohamad)
Education : Audio Engineering
Fav. Food : Sate
Fav. Drink : Coke
Fav. Singers : John Lennon, Morissey, Maddona, The Beatles, Depeche Mode, Smiths & Erasure
Fav. Colour : Black, Blue & Red
Idols : The Beatles

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