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Michael Jackson

If you do not know this guy, man you have really lived your whole life under a rock! Michael Jackson is another singer whom I admire very much. I grew up listening to his music and I have to say that his music is original. I don't care much about the things that they say about him even though they are true, what I know is that I am totally flipped over this gloved one. His music plays in my ears and gave me inspiration. He is the only, only one whom I can say can actually dance, besides his sister Janet Jackson of course. But between those two Michael is the best dancer and singer. His voice is one of a kind and the same goes for his music. I totally admire his music talent. There is nothing like it, besides The Corrs' music.

This gloved one is one of the best international singer/superstar and people went hysteria over at his concerts. Even Britney Spear's concerts weren't that suicidal and hysteric as Michael Jackson's concerts. You have seen the preview of his concerts right? Just look at the people screaming and singing to his songs and even fainting. No offence ok, this is only my point of view. Britney herself likes Michael and how he dances but no matter what she can't beat the way Michael dances. His dances are so unique and there is no one who can do it far way better than Michael himself especially the Moonwalk, man I love that one best of all! Others too can now do the Moonwalk but still it won't look as good or even better than Michael. From what I have written you can see that I am a big fan of Michael.

Anyway how are we to know that he is going to turn form a nice young boy to a man who is addicted to plastic surgery and child molestation? Too bad for that. I too wanted to know why does he wants to have so much plastic surgery and deny it? There is this one show or whatever, I couldn't remember, anyway in that programme he said and asked why do people kept asking questions of why he wanted to be white and such, and said that is it wrong and against that law for him wanting to be white. People do not question the white men and women why they wanted to go under the sun and get themselves tanned and dark where as when he, a black man, wanted to become white, people inquired and kept asking him the question. He has a point there you know.

People say that Britney's dances are as good as Michael's or Janet's, but I don't think so, again DON'T FLAME me Britney Spears's fans, this is just my point of view. Her dances are kind of ok… they are good I have to admit that but not as good as Michael's. Michael got the title 'King of Pop' he DOES deserves it. But now he is going down the drain, but no matter what I still do love his music and will support him all the way. His songs are the best and he too is the best singer that I have seen in my 18 years of life! About the Tabliod's articles, I will not deny that most of them are true, but what I know is that no matter how bad they talk about him I still do love listening to his music ^_^. One true thing about him is that you can NEVER EVER ignore his talents.

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