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The Legend of Condor Hero (LOCH)

Compared to other Chinese series that I have watched, I have to say that this is the very best one ever! The Legend of Condor Hero tells a story of how a young boy, Guo Jing, became a well-known warrior and his love with Huang Rong, the daughter of Huang Yao Shi (one of the strongest and most influential martial arts master).

This series is an adaptation of the book the Condor Hero Trilogy by Jin Yong. I haven't read the book but I was told that this series remained very close to the book though. I find this to be a great series is because I have never in my life wanted to buy any Chinese series VCDs before. But for LOCH I badly wanted to buy it. So that is why I gave a high rating for it.

One thing that is a disappointment in this series is the special effects. They used very cheap effects and I find it to be really lousy. I tend to laugh every time those scenes are on. The moves that do not require any effects are pretty good to see, not much of a disappointment there.

I find Li Yan Peng (Guo Jing) and Zhou Zun (Huang Rong) made a pretty great couple. They have a great chemistry going on together. In the case of Shui Ling (Mu Nian Ci) and Zhou Jie (Yang Kang), well do not expect a great combination the first time you see the series, but after a while they too made a great couple.

Guo Jing is supposed to be this dumb boy who knows little of life and the outside world. He is loyal to his mother and loves Huang Rong to the very core of his heart. Though he took a long time to remember the kung-fu moves taught to him, he never gave up on practicing and trying to remember them. In LOCH 2003, he looks really dumb with an IQ of 30! Not to mention that his voice, well in fact the whole casts' voices seemed dubbed! But that is not the rotten part of it.

Huang Rong is a very bright and witty not to forget brilliant young girl who fell helplessly in love with Guo Jing, despite his dumbness they are a great couple. She gave little or no respect at all to those she doesn't love like Guo Jing's seven masters, Jiang Nan Qi Guai. She hates them because she thinks Guo Jing cares about them more than her. So it is like a jealousy kind of thing.

I love her character though I hate her selfishness and disrespectful for the elders. You can't blame her though, since she has no mother but a father who can be quite cold at times. You can say that she is quite spoiled but loved her father with all her heart.

In the series I can see Huang Rong's love for her father but I don't think Chao Pei Chang, the one who acted as her father, did a good job in showing his love for her. There are times you can see him played it well and sometimes it was just too bad. Or maybe it is suppose to be like that. I don't know since I have not read the book.

Mu Nian Ci, a very beautiful young girl who love Yang Kang despite all his faults. Her parents died and she was taken care by Yang Kang's lost father (who is thought dead by his wife). She is easily fooled by Yang Kang because of her love for him. She, unlike Huang Rong and Guo Jing does not have a very easy love life with Yang Kang. She has it more hard than Huang Rong and Guo Jing in my opinion.

Yang Kang, man this guy annoys me every time he appears! Which I think is great since it is hard for any character to annoy me. I find him to be a great actor, but he does not have the face to be Yang Kang. Yang Kang is suppose to be this evil, wealth-hunger and drop dead handsome prince who is very much in love with Mu Nian Ci. He loves her with all his heart but he does not want to be a poor misery person. In the end he regretted it and died with Nian Ci being the last person he has seen.

Guo Jing's seven masters, Jiang Nan Qi Guai are really awesome! I fell in love with them. From what people have described about the book's Jiang Nan Qi Guai, I find the series Jiang Nan Qi Guai to be quite true to the book. Zhu Cong is my most favourite character of them all and also my top most favourite character in the series with Huang rong, Hong Qi Gong and Guo jing trailing behind him. He has a very cheeky smile and in my opinion is the most educated member of Jiang Nan Qi Guai. He is like the brains of the team to me and is the one whom I think actually uses his brains most of the time (beside Han Siau Ying) instead of jumping into conclusions (though there are parts where he does).

Ok I think I have said enough and there are too many characters to go into details, which I find is very rare in any Chinese series. Anyway another thing for you to look forward to is the scenery. This series has the very best breathtaking scenery ever! It makes everything look real and not just some studio set. To sum it all up I have decided to give this series 4 stars. If not because of the terrible special effects, this series would have gotten 5 stars and will be voted as the greatest Chinese series ever!

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