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Ok, under the award section I am going to let people apply for an award. I will not list them out to be chosen but instead I will choose it for you. You have to fill in your name, site's name, URL and etc. in the form provided and then I will take a look at your site and decide what kind of award you will get.

Everyone will get an award, I promise you that, even if they are the very worst SailorMoon or any other anime or manga site on earth. If you happened to have that kind of site I will very gladly give you the worse SailorMoon/Tenchi/Dragonball etc. site award. Please do not be sad when you get this award or any other awards that you find quite offended. It's is because you asked for it. If you do think your site is horrible and so do I, I am going to give that award to you, because you deserve it.

If you do NOT want that award then make a very nice site. Well not a very perfect site just as long as it is quite nice to look at and easy to navigate. Then the next rule is to never leave ANY blanks in the form. If you do, I will ignore your mail and delete it. Your site must not has anything to do with hentai or porn, it must be either manga or anime or any other cartoons or whatever as long as it is not hentai or has any adult materials in it.

  1. No adult materials, if you do have, please put it on a new page and put a warning sign or something.
  2. I do not care much about swearing, but please keep it to a minimum limit.
  3. No hentai or porn site, if you happen to have one please put them on a new page and put a warning sign.
  4. No WRiTing LiKE ThIS, it's damn annoying
  5. Easy to navigate
  6. Link back to me if you won an award
  7. Put 'Aku nak satu!!!' in he comment section so that I know that you have read the rules. *Reminder, I will be counting how many exclamation marks that you have typed in, it must be three.

There I've said it and do not break the rules.

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