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Siti Nurhaliza

Siti Nurhaliza is a goddess I tell you! She is the songbird of Malaysia and look at her, is she not pretty? She won the Voice of Asia - Grand Prix, the first Malaysian to ever win that title. I never know Siti Nurhaliza until I listened to 'Cindai'. I was completely glued to my seat when I heard her voice and the song. The song totally hypnotized me. I am telling the truth. She is like the ONLY singer, besides Liza Hanim, who can really sing and sing live too. She has this melodious voice and can sing any song that ranges from pop to traditional. I never know anyone who can sing a traditional song as good as her.

Last time in Malaysia, traditional songs are not that popular as no one can sing it or carry the songs like those in the old times. But when Siti Nurhaliza appeared, traditional songs are on their feet once more. Traditional songs, before Siti Nurhaliza came into existence in the music industry, it is not that popular, that is until Siti Nurhaliza appears.

Her songs are mostly slow and pop, and traditional too. What I mean by traditional songs, they are not the lyrics, but the music. You see, Malay traditional songs have a lot of drumbeats, hadrah and such and all those traditional instruments. And I love listening to it rather than pop songs. Anyway cut the long talk. Siti Nurhaliza once promised her fans that she would not dye her hair, wear fitting clothes and shape her eyebrows. But in the end she did those things except the fitting clothes part. This became an issue and people were not happy when she broke her promise. But then to think about it, it is her fault for breaking her promises, let that be a lesson to her.

As far as I know she is to MOST descent artist that I ever know in my whole life. Most of the artists/singers/actresses of Malaysia love wearing all these exposed clothes. Hey I am not against that, I am ok with it and don't care, you can even dress naked if you like, I do not care, just that I wanted to show her difference with the other singers in Malaysia. Anyway, yeah she does not wear all these exposed clothes and even during the Voice of Asia competition, the women who competed in that event wore those eyes-bulging-clothes and Siti Nurhaliza was the ONLY ONE who wore a dress that is fully cover up from her neck to toe. She does not sell her body to make her album a hit, but her voice.

In the case of hate and like list, there are tons of people who like and hate her. Some hate her because they just don't like her while others are jealous of her winnings and fortune. She won over fifty trophies in six years and others were like saying 'Why is it always her? Give some of the trophies to others, she has enough of them!' this of course hurts her and she herself felt as if she does not want to go to any awards presentation anymore. But then if she does not go others will say she is such a stuck-up thinking that she will win for sure. So she is kind of stuck in the middle. Anyway here is her biography.

Name: Siti Nurhaliza Binti Taruddin

Nick: Siti

DOB: 11 Januari 1979

Place of Birth: Kampung Awah,Temerloh,Pahang

Profession: Singer and Commercial Model (Maybelline) going into acting too I heard, can't wait.

Hobby: Reading , singing & fishing

Height: 162cm

Fav. Artist: Syairifah Aini, Celine Dion, Allahyarham Sudirman and etc

Fav. Food: Thailand food & Mom's cooking

Prized possession: Fans gift

Fav. Colour: Green

Prefer to dress: Simple and Jeans

Musical Instrument: Violin

Sweet Memory: Being the Juara Lagu 1996 champion

Album: Jerat Percintaan,Aku Cinta Padamu,Cindai , Adiwarna, Seri Balas , Pancawarna, Sahmura and E.M.A.S

Recording Company: Suria Record Sdn Bhd

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