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Welcometo the Honey Pot haha. I decided those crappy pages they make u build on other sites just weren't enough. I need ROOM TO GROW!! Anyway...this is always under construction, just as I am. Always changing, Always learning, Always improving.

Name: Miss Colleen

Status: O So Single

Age: 20

Likes: R&B MusiK, Warm Weather

Dislikes: Cold Pizza and Stank Attitudes

What I Do: FT Student

I Am: German

You Can Find Me: In Calgary or Edmonton Alberta CANADA


A good woman does not live in fear of the future because of her past...
Instead, she understands that her life experiences are merely lessons meant to bring her closer to self-knowledge and unconditional self-love...

A few tips from the master:

If you wish to get on my good side
Don't be late...
Don't Sass me off...
Make me laugh...
I'm a decent individual when you approach me properly. If you don't however...Let's just say it's comedy.

"You laugh at me because I'm different. I laugh because you're all the same"

Most of the individuals celebrated have one thing in common: They never follow. They break rules, smash borders and question absolutely everything. It is a philosophy that is the foundation for my life. It is what has kept me on theleading edge for quite some time now. Knowledge, wisdom and understanding. Trying to build perfect character in an imperfect world. It is what happens when you never quit, never do the expected, never rest on your laurels and never, ever follow...

My Favourite Drink:

Currently Reading:

Currently Thinking:

Jammin To:

Calvin Richardson...2:35PM <~~~get that album

Now Playing: Maria Maria...Carlos Santana

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Amy Colleen Amanda in Toronto

@ The Inside Lounge...T Dot O

Eaton Center...Toronto

Out to Dinner

Miss C and Amanda

The Bronze...Colleen & Shauna...Edmonton

Shauna & Colleen being Silly

Miss Colleen and Lady Shauna at the Palace

The Rat Getting Punished For Passing Out 2 Early

Colleen & Shauna @ Nashvilles (Edmonton)

Colleen & Shauna at Lunch in Cancun

Colleen-Toga Party '98

C&S Shakin it In Cancun

Colleen & Richard in Toronto not straightened ewwww

Me and My Lovely Mommy

Dead Bird was On My Driveway...It was Nasty

Shauna, Lacey, Colleen


Bestest Buddy Shauna (aka Jugs)



Candice (aka The Rat)

Lacey (aka Lacey Panties)






The Rest of the "Blokes"

AAhudgee (The Fonz, Boston, Teener etc.)

more to come...