UFO Power



    What could be more exotic than discovering the power source of those mischievous little "Visitors" that have been plaguing our skies for untold millennia?  In Jacques Vallee's book "Passage to Magonia" he traces various stories, legends and myths back as far as recorded history goes and came to some interesting conclusions. Not only were the current abduction stories similar to these but also the vehicles described. One thing that stood out for me was his idea that this phenomenon seems to appear to the human observer to be always something just beyond prevailing technological capabilities of the time. For
example, in the 1800's they were thought to be "airships" (blimps, dirigibles) and sure enough, shortly thereafter, we had blimps. Later on we saw them as jet powered, then nuclear powered. Now we are assuming inter-dimentional travel.
   Another aspect of this is that, during reported encounters, the occupants of these vehicles are often reported as speaking to their abductees either verbally or telepathically ( I'm not even going to go there). During these conversations the abductees often ask how the ships are powered. In Response, the occupants usually tell them something that again, relates to the technology of the time. Or soon to emerge technology. I mention this because, in reading modern abduction reports, I have often seen water mentioned as being a part of this power source.
    I recall one abductees report as stating that the power unit featured two "tubes" of water which ringed the ship. These tubes being side by side and rotating in opposite directions.    Think about it for a minute. What would happen in a setup like that?
Do we even know? What if the water in each tube was appositely ionized? What if a high energy charge was put through the system?
   I didn't mean to get stuck on electrolysis like this. I had hoped that the conversation would explore new areas. It hasn't really so I thought I'd write this up as a new avenue. The focus is not supposed to be on UFO's. It is intended to be in theorizing what such a setup would do. Maybe that isn't even their power source at all. Maybe they (if they exist) are giving us periodic "hints". If so let's think about every possible angle of the thing. What if you created a generator out of water filled tubing? What would be the result? Would it behave EXACTLY like a metal conductor? Would some laws not apply and perhaps others be