Earn money by reading e.mail!


It's easy. You subscribe to a PTR program, read the e-mails they send to you and for each click on the links provided in their e-mails, you earn some money. You can do it anytime and anywhere you have access to the internet. Most of these programs accepts members from all the countries in the world.

Note: Since most of money-making programs on the net (and all the links provided in this page) are in English, you MUST be able to read and understand this language for participating in these programs.

Follow these steps, please:

1: First of all, you need an e-mail account, preferably you should use it only for this purpose, since you may receive a lot of e-mails.

2: You need an internet money or gold account. You can open one at e-Gold. (My account number is: 1133485)

3: You now need an independent exchange market maker, such as London Gold Exchange, to exchange gold into money.

4: You should now subscribe to one or more sites which offer PTR programs. The more they are, better is. Don't forget to refer others, so that you can earn a percentage of what they earn and increase considerably your earning!

Note: in steps 2 and 3, read carefully the Terms and Conditions before subscribing. Also, fill in the forms with REAL information!


Below, you can find links to some PTR sites:



Affable site

All You submitters

Mikes paid for e.mail

My Free Share

Lots a loot links

Big dollar mails

Diamond mail

Jungle cash

Maya paid paid for mail


Maxx mail

Try also this. This is a "get paid to subscribe" program: you subscribe to this site, download a "tool bar (Clixies toolbar)", follow the instructions to subscribe to sites presented to you by Clixies and get paid:


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Now that you have collected some money, you can invest it & get profits:

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