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First applicant is signed by Mike Action

Today HCW signed it's first applicant in "Definition of Talent" Jay Miller. He has many years of experiences, and should be a great addition to the HCW Roster. We just begun here, but we have alot more to come. Come and join if you want to fight with real talent.


Here is the HCW's logo. I hope everybody enjoys.

Warzone News

Once we get athletes to come join the HCW and run for the gold, we will get Warzone started off with.


This is where we will have HCW's very own Power 25 ranking. It will rank superstars not just by winning records, but on how talented and valuable they are to this place. Remember, not only victory's will get you on top.

The Latest

"Definition of Talent" Jay Miller signs

"Definition of Talent" Jay Miller is the first man to step up to the HCW challenge. He is a very quick footed and agile athlete. He has been playing sports his whole life, and now uses his athleticism to hsie advantage in the ring.

Merry Christmas

Hopefully following the Christmas break the HCW can get started off with a bang. We are looking for female and male applicants.

Owner Mike Action

Mike Action is willing to do whatever in his power to make this business successful. He is a retired wrestler who took over a few company's in the past. Once he felt he built it to success, he moved on. Mike went from a powerhouse athlete, to an extraordinary business man. He is a suit.


Thats right the newcomer to the wrestling world Alyssa Bonner has offically inked a deal with HCW.