Invisibility in film
Many a B-film uses invisibility to attract audiences.

Great actors have become either invisible or see-through in some great works of genius.

For instance Alec Guiness in two of the star wars films.

By the looks of this, even Jesus was into the whole invisibility thing.
And so another great debate is sparked.

Will PJ use invisibility....well seeing his choice in actors, it may prove beneficial to the film.

Here's another film that benefitted from not seeing the actors involved:
Frodo must be able to disappear!

Will PJ settle for Van Hoeven's unsubtle style of special effects?
However PJ makes Frodo disappear, he will have to make him disappear with us still being able to see him.

or not?

Do we have to see him when he's disappeared?


Maybe it might be cool not seeing Frodo at all. Left in the dark like Nazgul in the light.