Should DeNiro have played Sam Gamgee?
The controversial decision to drop DeNiro and replace him with some unknown B-film actor will obviously have turned many a fan's stomach.

Just think of all the great things DeNiro could have added to the script....The little things that would have made such a shoddy coagulation of out-dated lyrics into a fusion of colossally proportioned writings.

or something like that.

Dream, like I, of the additions we could have complimented DeNiro with:

Gandalf crept to one side of the window....Then with a dart he sprang to the window sill and thrust a long arm out and downwards. There was a sigh and Sam Gamgee's curly head popped up as he slapped Gandalf's wrist.
"Well, Sam Gamgee is it? Now what may you be doing?" asked Gandalf.
"Am I talkin' to you? Am I fuckin' talkin' to you?" asked Sam. "Sure as shit looks like I wasn't talkin' to nobody! You mind your own fuckin' business....with your daft pointed fuckin' hat!"
"I don't give a fuck what kinda tale we've landed in!"
"Don't damage one of my pans, or I'll carve you into mince fuckin' meat!" (to Smeagol)

"Listen lady, I don't give a fuck who you are. Show us your tits and I'll forgive you for being a fuckin' elf." (to Galadriel)
Surely there is no argument. PJ made a grave mistake not casting DeNiro.