Was Pipeweed only tobacco?
Well.....let us look at the facts!

Who smoke the most pipeweed? Why...the Hobbits ofcourse.

What do hobbits do a lot of? Sleep? Eat? Laugh? Not worry?

What do hobbits not like doing?
Well....they don't like to work or adventure!!! Do they?

Was Tolkien into drugs?

Let us look at the facts....

He wrote about elves, dwarves, dragons and magic. Certainly doesn't sound like something a sober man would do now, does it?

Are Hobbits the dopeheads of middle earth? They're not very interesting are they? And Sauron certainly didn't think they were much of a threat. He probably supplied them with the hashish in the first place!!!
Is this a picture of Hobbit teeth?
So where did Tolkien stand on drugs?
Well...the good guys (ie. the hobbits, Gandalf, Aragorn) were all into the old smoking business.

BUT....the Orcs don't smoke drugs do they?

Was Tolkien suggesting that the establishment was full of shit? (excuse the pun).

Was Tolkien saying that taking drugs is good? That only bad, evil, conservative people don't take drugs?

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