Hovering on the Kaskaskia River
My daughter and I went for a test run on Saturday 06, 03.  I was a beautiful day to be on the river. This was the 8th test run, unlike the previous runs, the hover preformed without any mechanical difficulties, with the exception of a mis adjusted skirt.
Total trip was 29 miles, top speed was 35 M.P.H. per the onboard G.P.S.
I'm certain that  my speed is limited to the skirt not being adjusted properly, and I feel that My 19P is a bit more tail heavy than it should be. I plan on making a few changes this winter to correct that problem.
With just 9 hours of flying time under my belt, I think I'm finally geting the hang of controling my craft. At first I thought that the controls were out of rig, or that the steering system wasn't set up properly, but after this last run I  think I just may have a handle on it.. No pun intended!
Hovering is
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