The images above show some of the items installed in the cockpit. The far left pic displays the thottles, fuel shut-off valve, joy stick, and the instrument panel.
The center pic which is not very clear, shows the fuel pump installation. The fuel pump in mounted on vibration isolators, attached to a aluminium plate,  which is mounted on vibration isolators, that are mounted to rib #2. The right image is the cabin heater. This baby took a little time to fabricate. Most of the components are from the old Subaru that I purchased for this project. The heater box, fan blower motor containment box, and the heater core containment box had to be modified  in order to fit in the hull area between ribs #3 and #4. Duct outlets had to be fabricated. The outlets had to be made from something that would except commercially available ducts. Beer cans! I cut a couple of beer cans in half and removed the ends. Fiberglassed them into a foam panel, and installed the panel into the heater box, perfect! There are two outlets, one for the cabin and the other for windshield heat.
This is a shot of the cockpit, looking fwd before the aft bulkhead was installed.
Electrical wiring for nav. lights, cabin heat, and other lighting.
This is the glare shield covering the instrument panel. The glare shield is fabricated from 2024-T3 .032" aluminum sheet The slot fwd of that is for the windshield heat duct.
A view of the "almost complete cockpit." I plan on test running the hover before I complete the interior.
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