Skirt Fabrication & Installation
Well, here 's  where it begains, sort of!  :)
10 yards of  18 oz. Interstate Blue vinyl coated polyster.
Can't forget the quart can of HH-66 vinyl cement.
Above, are images of  a skirt cornner being fabricated. The famous "S"  design  has been laid out and cut in the skirt material.  The center image  shows the tabs cut in one section of the skirt to form the  overlap joint. I applied masking tape to keep the excess glue off the skirt section. After applying  HH-66 glue, the tabs will be bent over to form the overlap joint.
After finishing the three shirt cornners, I fitted the skirt to the hover. I used clothespins
to hold the skirt inplace while checking the fit. I tacked the three cornners first, then finished attaching the remaining skirt material.
Not shown, are the brass inserts I installed in the tack strips,  The brass inserts are used  to ease the installation of the screws repeatly, without damaging the tack strips.
The moment of thruth, the lift engine and fan were refitted to the hover,  fired up the engine,  tada!!!! SHE HOVERS!!!!
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