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I attached the thrust prop hub to the disk in the thrust duct to help locate the duct on the craft. The shaft was used to locate the hub on center, then removed. The thrust duct then will be install on the hover, mounting it to the prop shaft.
The second image is just a dry run. As you can see, a couple of friends are holding the duct while I took the picture!
Thrust Duct Page One
The three images above show how the thrust duct mount pad was made. I copied/traced the front and aft sides of the thrust duct on plywood. Placed 2"x4" 's to support the templets at the same width of the duct. Placed  a foam block inside the templet, then hotwired the foam block.
The bottom image shows the mount pad for the duct. Fits like a glove.
The pad will be epoxied to the deck and thrust duct.
The  "before and after" images above are the thrust struts for the thrust duct.
The  blocks of foam are attached to the thrust strut leading and trailing edges, then sanded to a leading edge , trailing edge shape respectively, and fiberglassed.
The thrust struts are made from 1" blue foam, sandwiched between  2 ea. 5 mm luaun  ply sheets. I vacuum bagged the assemblies to create a very strong panel.The struts were then epoxied to the engine cowling.
The upper thrust struts are screwed to the attach points (not shown)  in the thrust duct. This allows the engine cowling to removed for ease of maintenance, etc.