Stephen Jenks
For the best, most complete biography of Stephen Jenks, please consult Warren Steel's introduction to Jenks' complete works:
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My transcriptions here are from Steel's edition. One exception is Evening Shade, which is still linked to the 1991 Sacred Harp version. The original Jenks version will replace it in a few weeks.  The tunes transcribed so far are only the published tunes. Jenks's manuscript music is a project unto itself, and will follow at a later time.
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Jenks's Tunebooks
The New-England Harmonist (NEH), 1799
The Musical Harmonist (MH), 1800
The American Compiler (AC), 1803
The Delights of Harmony (DH), 1804
The Delights of Harmony, b version (DHB), 1805
The Delights of Harmony, or Norfolk Compiler (DHN), 1805
The Delights of Harmony, or Union Compiler (DHU), 1806
The Hartford Collection (HC), 1807
The Royal Harmony of Zion Complete (RHZ), 1810
The Christian Harmony (CH), 1811
The Harmony of Zion, or Union Compiler (HZU), 1818
The Good Old Way
The Other Old Way
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