The B.F. White Sacred Harp, Revised Cooper Edition
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After the last edition of the Sacred Harp prepared under Benjamin Franklin White's hands appeared in 1869, more than 30 years elapsed before another editor stepped forward to put together an edition that reflected new developments in Sacred Harp singing in southern Alabama. This new edition was prepared by Wilson M. Cooper, and was published in Dothan, Alabama in 1902.
Later editions of what has come to be known as "the Cooper book" were published in Dothan, Panama City, Florida, Troy, Alabama and most recently in Samson, Alabama. The latest revision was published in 2000, and due to increased interest in the Cooper book outside its major target area (viz. southern Alabama and Mississippi, the Florida panhandle and Texas) sales will certainly increase over time. Cooper book singings are much fewer in number than Sacred Harp 1991 singings, but Cooper book conventions are starting in areas far from the deep South--Minnesota's first Cooper book singing took place on February 12, 2000, with about 80 singers present. The February Cooper singing in Minnesota continues to thrive, with Southern US, Canadian and British guests joining the northern Midwesterners every winter, with around 100 singers each year.
March On
Almighty Father
Nearer, My God, To Thee
Amazing Love
Not Made With Hands
Blooming Youth
Pickard's Hymn
San Diego
Canaan's Peaceful Shore
Sweet By and By
The Gospel Feast
Eden of Love
The Gospel Sound
The Living Stone
God's Eternal
The Master's Call
Weeping Peter
I Love Thy Kingdom
Worlds Above
I'm Wandering To and Fro
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